Can you afford to be unprotected?

However unlikely the possibility of a disaster, such as a fire, flood or theft, can you afford to risk losing any of the following types of data:

  • Current and historical customer orders
  • Customer details, account and contact information
  • Stock records, project information or case notes
  • Accountancy documentation
  • Employee records and payroll information

In this day and age, it’s relatively simple to protect your business – namely your data – from the consequences of a fire, flood, theft or other disaster by backing up your systems and deploying a disaster recovery strategy.

“It won’t happen to me”

We certainly hope it won’t but experience tells us that businesses do suffer from totally unpredicted incidents that cause significant disruption because access to data and systems is lost with no quick and easy way to restore them.

Our enviable portfolio of Disaster Recovery & Backup products – cloud-based and on-site - means there is a solution that will be suitable, and not to mention cost-effective, for your business.

Contact us to see how you can protect your business

Cloud Recovery

Suited to businesses that need assurance, in the event of a disaster, key workers will be able to access all mission-critical data, operating systems, IT applications and their settings, plus email as normal from any internet connection within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Onsite Backup

In some situations cloud-based disaster recovery solutions aren’t suitable or, in some cases, businesses express a desire to keep all of their data on site. In that case we can discuss onsite (or ‘on-premise’) solutions with you.


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