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Electrical & Lighting ERP Software  

Improve your stock handling and management by investing in a software solution tailored for the electrical & lighting distribution sector. OGL Software will streamline your processes to achieve a leaner operation that will reduce overheads, improve productivity and allow you to drive your business forward.  

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    Updated data sheets auto sent to customers
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    Identify optimum stock levels
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    Streamline picking, dispatching & delivery
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    Fully integrated eCommerce
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    Complex searching capabilities to locate stock easily
Electrical & lighting ERP software

Business Software to improve stock management for the Electrical Industry

Our experienced Software Consultants understand the common, the niche and the complex challenges that electrical distribution businesses face. This is why we're able to develop ERP solutions that supply you with the digital tools you need to drive your business forward.

Helping you to increase your routes to market and stay competitive in the industry, OGL Software will automate key business processes and enable you to seamlessly implement an online business strategy to future-proof your business.

Our software supports your business in every way from reducing picking errors, to improving order efficiencies, automating purchasing based on set optimum levels, allowing you to easily sell online, track and control stock and deliver quality customer service.

OGL Software solutions integrate seamlessly with LUCKINSlive, a database of over 1 million items from electrical manufacturers. You'll have access to electrical product lines straight from your software to speed up the purchasing and customer order process.

Our software is used by many members of the LIA and EDA electrical buying groups. 


Product Features

Contact Management

Manage your customer, supplier & prospect data, order history and interactions in a single, fully integrated platform. The Profit4 CRM will help you to secure new business and build great customer relationships.

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Multi-Channel Sales Order Management

Automate time consuming tasks and easily manage orders from every sales channel with the Profit4 Multi-Channel Sales Order Management solution. Built to improve efficiencies so you can scale with ease.

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Stock Control & Management

Take back control of your stock with complete visibility of all stock movements from one central system. Monitor, manage and optimise your stock levels so you can buy better and sell smarter. 

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Integrated eCommerce

Implement an online, multi-channel selling strategy with ease with Marketplace and eCommerce integration. Grow your customer base and increase sales without the extra admin. 

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Finance & Accounting

Profit4 takes care of all your financial processes within one central system, making sure your data is always accurate. Gain a 360 degree view of your finances to make smarter decisions that drive growth.

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Reporting & Analytics

Profit4 provides you with real-time company and sales data that enables you to make smarter decisions so you can achieve great results that build a more profitable future. 

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Customer Success Stories

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“We’re able to drive our business forward and delight our clients, with OGL Software giving us the data to help us improve on a day-to-day basis. Without OGL Software, how could I manage my warehouse? I couldn’t is the honest answer.” 

NVC Lighting

NVC Lighting Case Study
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