Engineering Specialists

We work closely with a number of businesses in the Engineering industry delivering exceptional, bespoke managed technology solutions to enable them to transform their business into a modern workplace. 

  • Over 40 years’ experience at the forefront of the technology industry
  • Deliver robust IT solutions, cyber security and ERP software
  • Improved numerous IT Infrastructures that sit at the heart of engineering businesses


With a proven track record nationwide, our customers rely on us to improve their IT infrastructure, and because of this, we understand the concerns and challenges that engineering businesses face.


Protecting your supply chain...

We recognise that protecting your supply chain is vital, which is why we make this our primary objective. We design solutions using the latest technologies to protect each stage of your supply chain, whether that's backing up, storing or sharing your data, or delivering cyber security training for your staff, tailored to the needs of the engineering sector. 


Minimising your downtime...

Downtime can kill any business but in the engineering sector, the impact can be far more substantial as one break in the chain can bring production lines to a halt! It's essential to get you back up and running as soon as there is an issue detected. Our proactive approach to managing your services, whether that’s disaster recovery or patching potential holes in your network, our focus is on keeping your business running smoothly.


Enabling you to work remotely...

Remote access to files, drawings and other key customer and product information is a basic requirement in any modern engineering business. But retaining strict security controls around that sensitive data is critical, so we work with leading vendors to deliver the perfect balance between accessibility and security to give you peace of mind. 


Compliance with industry standards...

In the wake of GDPR, businesses have no choice but to comply with stringent requirements or face costly penalties. The engineering sector is no different. We take the time to produce a full in-depth audit of your business, and provide feedback on which areas could potentially leave you exposed or result in non-compliance within your sector. 


Keeping your systems up-to-date...

If you're not using the latest updated versions of your current software, it can have a significant impact on your business as it can open up opportunities to cyber-criminals as well as have a detrimental effect on the performance of your systems. It is critical you have a comprehensive patching strategy in place in order to improve your performance and fix security vulnerabilities.


Robust data backup and disaster recovery...

All businesses now face the new threat from cyber-attacks, but engineering companies are also more likely to face a disaster such as a fire or flood due to the nature of their business. Being able to recover vital information and data quickly and enabling your staff to carry on working can dictate whether your business survive.


Ensuring stability & reliability!

Just knowing that your systems are being continually monitored and updated enables you to focus on running your own business. Using a single supplier, like OGL, to manage all your IT and cyber security needs can give you peace of mind that everything is being managed to the highest standard and any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently through a single point of contact.



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