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Excelsior Panelling Systems Ltd manufacture, supply and install bespoke quality bathroom products for all washroom environments and are highly regarded as one of best within their industry. Since 1978 they have installed various washrooms and changing cubicles, duct panelling and vanity unit systems to suit all environments; from schools to office developments and leisure centres to hospitals. Based in the West Midlands, they employ 54 members of staff and have 24 PCs.

Number of Employees: 54

Partnered with OGL since: 2001

Company Location: West Midlands

Company Website: www.excelsior-cubicles.co.uk

"An extension of our own business" 

As a family run business, OGL understands the importance of trust and values when working with our customers. We’ve built thousands of great relationships over our 40 years in business that we’re proud of, including Excelsior Panelling Systems Ltd.

Having been a customer of OGL’s for over 17 years, we met up with Excelsior’s Finance Manager to discuss how their business has benefitted since partnering with OGL. He said: “As our business has steadily grown, the volume of emails had started taking up a huge amount of server space and was slowing the business down. OGL listened to our concerns and responded with an immediate solution. Taking OGL’s advice, we realised that the Cloud was the only option going forward, if we wanted to continue progressing our business, and so we invested in Office 365. We saw a positive impact immediately as it freed up over 50Gb of server space by removing Exchange. This allowed us to work much more effectively and kept our operations running smoothly.”

Excelsior’s Finance Manager continued “OGL’s friendly and knowledgeable manner is a welcome approach and we view them as an extension of our own business. They have consistently helped and advised on all aspects of IT, whatever the size of the issue, from our Account Manager to the First Line Helpdesk Engineer. All this helps with keeping the business running smoothly and allows us to concentrate on our core business practices and not to worry about any IT issues. It lets us do what we are good at, which is to manufacture and install high quality washroom cubicle systems and products.

“We have regular meetings with our Account Manager at OGL, who always keeps us up-to-date with future technologies and any potential problems. This proactive strategy is a fundamental reason why we invested in OGL’s sister company, CyberGuard, to help improve our approach to cyber-crime. We were advised that our current anti-virus product provided us with limited protection against sophisticated cyber-attacks and CyberGuard recommended their next-generation anti-virus product, Carbon Black Defense. This offers real-time monitoring and identifies suspicious users from previous user activity and has given us much more confidence in knowing that we can be reasonably assured that we are protected from current known viruses. Any downtime that we experience could potentially bring the company to a stop, so Carbon Black is a vital product for our business”

Excelsior’s Financial Manager concluded: “We feel very confident in OGL, enough to support us through the minefield that is IT. Our server is coming to the end of its natural life and we will be looking to move to a cloud-based solution, happy in the knowledge that OGL will be working alongside us, giving advice and guiding us through the process. I would like to thank them for all their efforts and assistance over the years.”

“OGL always comes across as a friendly progressive IT company who feel like an internal department within our own business. They have consistently helped and advised on all aspects of our IT.”

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