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Most businesses rely heavily on technology to operate successfully and efficiently. While some businesses have their own internal IT teams, as technology evolves, workload and responsibilities often grow too.

Whether you have an entire dedicated IT team, require a fully manage IT solution or need advice on an upcoming project, with over 45 years’ experience we’re confident we can find a solution for you.

IT Support

Regardless of the size of your current IT team, support, guidance and assistance will always be required if something goes wrong or you simply want to grow your business. IT support covers everything from practical technical help to strategy development and advanced security.

OGL IT Solutions offers both a fully managed service, taking complete responsibility for your IT systems, as well as complementary support for those with existing IT teams. Our IT experts can offer your business a flexible and tailored solution to meet your needs and your budget.

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IT Support
expert advice

Advisory & consultancy

During the lifecycle of a business there will be projects, growth and change that require meticulous planning and expert industry knowledge to be successful. This knowledge often comes from senior executives who are able to give insight into the task at hand, but not every business can justify employing an entire suite of CXOs.

OGL’s specialist Advisory Services division, offers consultancy and independent advice to help businesses move forward through the technical landscape. We offer experience and knowledge covering executive roles such as the CISO, CIO and CTO on a temporary and part-time basis.

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Free IT assessment

Understanding the current state of your IT solution allows for maximum visibility when it comes to improving your IT strategy or planning your next steps.

OGL IT Solutions offers a completely free IT assessment designed to give you a top-down view of your current IT setup. We then present you with a report of our findings, and once the report is complete, offer you guidance and suggestions on how to improve your IT infrastructure.

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Free IT Assessment


We understood that if we wanted to improve as a company, OGL was the right fit for us. We are now confident in our IT support and are looking to the future.

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