Fasteners and Fixings

Automated processes with full visibility of stock movement and sales orders

  • Used extensively across the Fasteners and Fixings industry
  • Take control and gain visibility of your stock
  • Manage complex pricing structures and respond faster to changing market conditions
  • Record all stock movements using barcode scanners
  • Effectively manage existing customers and prospects

We have many customers that supply the Fastener and Fixings industry who are already benefitting from prof.ITplus. Our Business Software system improves the visibility and clarity of transactions and gives businesses complete control over their core processes.

Not only does prof.ITplus manage everything to do with your products from stock management, through to sales order processing, sales analysis and Customer Relationship Management, but you can also store all key documents and email communication relating to a product and/or a customer in one central location giving complete visibility. This allows you to quickly access supplier stock codes, pricing information and quotes when needed, at the click of a button!

Hand-held scanners, which are directly integrated into prof.ITplus, make monitoring stock levels in your warehouse simple and accurate, reducing the risk of picking errors and increasing the speed of your stock takes, receipting and despatch time. In addition, prof.ITplus can calculate minimum/maximum stock levels based on product sales and usage to optimise your stock turn. You can set future commencement dates, and automate back office processes such as invoicing, reducing the risk of human error.

Our customers in the Fasteners and Fixings sector find the prof.ITplus sales analysis module (known as SalesVision), helps them to understand customer buying trends and improve customer retention. It can be configured to display your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so your sales employees have continuous, real-time access to performance stats. Key customer information can also be viewed using SalesVision by your field-based team.

Our ERP system, prof.ITplus can help you:

  • Increase turnover
  • Speed up internal processes
  • Manage high volumes of stock
  • Drive your business to the next level
  • Boost your profitability
  • Remove costly human error
  • Support business growth

prof.ITplus is used by many members of the following Fasteners and Fixings buying groups:

  • THS

  • IADA

  • NBG

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