Four steps to cyber security peace of mind

Achieving cyber security

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Four steps to cyber security peace of mind
Posted on: 17 January 2017
By: Paul Colwell, Technical Director

Achieving cyber security no longer needs to feel daunting. The CyberGuard team offers a fully managed service to protect your business from internet-based attacks – whatever its size, type or the threats that it faces.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced, and has access to the very latest in threat protection products. It is our business to continually research and understand the ever-changing nature of the dark web and build the toughest of defences around the businesses we protect.

Stay one step ahead with CyberGuard.


TESTING - Testing is where building any sound cyber defence should start. Once you’ve commissioned CyberGuard to protect your business, we’ll assess your organisation and carry out the relevant testing to ascertain your current risks and weaknesses.

ANALYSIS - Once we have the test results, our experts have a point from which to begin work. Our cyber experts will analyse all the test results and compile a comprehensive report of the findings.


DETECT & RESPOND - We’ll form a set of recommendations based on our testing report which will utilise our portfolio of Detect & Respond services. The recommendations will result in a strong, resilient cyber defence and form the backbone of your new cyber security strategy.

IMPLEMENTATION - Once you’re happy, we’ll set about implementing your new products and services, whether that’s our state-of- the-art Unified Security Manager or a more simple Managed Firewall.


STAFF EDUCATION - The next step is to get your employees up to speed about cyber security in the workplace and ensure they understand the role they have to play in maintaining your company’s protection. Our Security Awareness Training programme, delivered by one of our cyber experts, covers all the key points, using a range of techniques to engage and motivate your staff to work using best practise methods.


CERTIFICATION - Finally, we recommend that all our customers gain Cyber Essentials accreditation. The government scheme provides a framework of the baseline protection that all businesses in the UK should have in place to keep themselves secure. It’s the best way to show your customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders that you take cyber security seriously and you have the recommended measures in place.


Ask us about our CERP package which we have developed to make the Cyber Essentials compliance process easy!

So you can see that once you have experts such as CyberGuard on board you’re not far away from getting a cyber defence in place for your company.

Of course, after we’ve got you Cyber Essentials compliant (step 4), which we strongly recommend, part of our service is that we will monitor the effectiveness of your Detect & Respond services on-going and provide further recommendations to you, as and when new threats emerge and new protection is required.

A member of our team is waiting to hear from you about your business and your concerns around its cyber security.

Cyber-crime is on the increase, don’t allow your business to fall victim. Get the conversation started with us before it’s too late.

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