GDPR: Are you compliant?

Everything you need to know about GDPR

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You may have heard the term “GDPR” banded around recently, so here’s a bit of advice on how you can help your business become compliant.

  • Stands for General Data Protection Regulation
  • Replaces the current Data Protection Act 1998
  • Affects every business and have a global impact
  • Aimed at protecting data
  • Non-compliance to the regulations can incur 4% of your group’s annual  turnover or £20 million (whichever is larger)

With the ever-growing use of email, data that’s sent almost instantaneously to multiple contacts around the world via the internet, the advent of social media, cloud computing and the new threat of cyber-crime, the world of data has completely changed since the last data protection legislation was introduced, nearly 20 years ago. It was only a matter of time before new regulations would be needed.

There’s been a lot of “fake news” appearing online regarding GDPR, and guidance is still being produced offering unreliable information about the regulations.

At its core, it’s simply about keeping your data secure and having the appropriate practices in place to prove you are adhering to these standards.

How CyberGuard can help...

Keeping data secure is the foundation of GDPR. We have a number of services and products that can help you to achieve compliance.

Security Testing

As each business is unique, the road to GDPR compliance will be different. The first step is to understand the legislation in place by performing a compliance audit against your cyber security infrastructure.

Our experts will visit your site and examine the security of all servers, networks and firewalls and can perform a number of security tests such as vulnerability, penetration and wireless testing to see how secure your data and infrastructure is.

Our cyber experts will present our testing reports to you alongside a clear explanation of the risks, comprehensive remedial advice and a set of recommendations.

Thereafter, our team will work with you to implement the relevant Detect & Respond products and services to build the cyber defence that your company needs and deserves ensuring compliance for GDPR.

For more information on our Security Testing services click here.

Managed Detect and Respond Services

In order to help your company adhere to GDPR we can offer four services:

  • Unified Security Manager
  • Threat Protection
  • Managed Firewall
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

With many businesses not having dedicated resource to manage their cyber security and the impending additional workloads to become GDPR compliant, these services are extremely effective, as we’ll let you get on with your job, while we do ours; keeping companies secure and helping you become GDPR compliant. Pass responsibility for your cyber security to us, the experts.

For more information on our Detect and Respond services, click here.

Awareness Training

The biggest threat to data protection is your staff. With GDPR it’s imperative that your staff are trained sooner rather than later to ensure they are familiar with your security procedures and know how to keep your company data secure.

We can offer various tools and techniques to educate your staff on the dangers of cyber-crime and how they can prevent attacks on a day-to-day basis.

For more information on Awareness Training schemes, click here.

Cyber Security Certification

A government-backed accreditation scheme, a Cyber Essentials certification is widely accepted as evidence that you have a good basic security protection in place for your business, which is a great start in preparing for GDPR.

Cyber Essentials is a framework that sets out how to address the basics and prevent the most common data and security attacks.

CyberGuard can offer a number of security certifications, including Cyber Essentials, as well as the more advanced levels of security including Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold certification. All these accreditation schemes highlight good business practice in keeping your data secure for GDPR compliance.

For more information on our Cyber Security Certifications, click here.

How our IT Solutions Division can help…

If you are not looking for the full ‘bells and whistles’ cyber security protection, our IT Solutions Division can also help in your preparation towards becoming GDPR compliant with an array of IT security services such as anti-virus, anti-spam, malware and firewall protection, designed to meet the needs of your business.

For more information view the IT Solutions IT security page here.

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