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In today’s demanding “always on” business environment, organisations need reliable and proven technology solutions. 

OGL’s hosted telephony service, built on the Wildix unified communications platform, offers a complete business telephony and unified communications solution. Enjoy greater mobility and effective collaboration, whilst ensuring maximum security for your data.

Voice, video, chat, and contact centre solutions.

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Bespoke system features

Your hosted telephony solution will be created bespoke to your business, available Cloud features include:

  • Hosted VoIP phones and headsets
  • Website live chat
  • Mobile app
  • Internal chat
  • Desktop sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Webinar capabilities

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Benefits of hosted telephony

The benefits of hosted telephony

  • Transparent pricing
  • All-inclusive national and mobile calls
  • Supports smart and remote working
  • No maintenance or repair costs
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved scalability
  • Better security
  • Cloud based

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Enjoy Tier 1 support

As a leading Tier 1 provider we deliver a fully managed end to end solution, designed to suit the flexibility required for the modern workforce. Our solutions can be scaled from single site deployments, to accommodating mobile users, multi-sites and multi-national environments with ease.

OGL's hosted telephony service is both easy to deploy and manage via any traditional web browser, as well as being extremely feature rich to provide the required functionality and customisation options to meet your business needs.

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Supported by Wildix

Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award Winner 2020

Wildix have been delivering proven communications systems since 2005 and offer more than a communications system that unifies internal and external communications within a single, intuitive interface. Their system is used by over 4 million users and is trusted to boost customers’ business by providing an effective tool to enhance efficiency and reduce time-wasting daily operations. This is achieved because the Wildix interface is fast and easy to use, and because the system is integrated with a wide variety of software packages, including Microsoft Teams Outlook and Office 365.

The system is also supported by robust security which is built in by design.

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You also have the option to utilize the software you already have using Wildix Integrations, where you’ll be able to manage all your communications from your current CRM or other business software.

Wildix is compatible with these popular platforms and more...




Microsoft Teams


Microsoft 365


Frequently asked questions

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted telephony is where your phone system is hosted in the cloud rather than being physically located on your business’s premises. As a result, you don’t require any physical on-site hardware or data centres which can be costly.

The phone system will be hosted remotely via Wildix’s PBX and calls will be connected over the internet. OGL will manage the installation, technology, and maintenance of your Hosted Telephony system.

How does Hosted Telephony work?

Hosted Telephony connects calls via the internet rather than via physical telephone lines. The system is hosted in the cloud, so you can connect via a VoIP telephone, headset, mobile device or desktop application to make and receive calls.

What’s the difference between VoIP and UCaaS?

VoIP (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology solution that enables you to relay and receive calls (in real-time) over the web. You will usually use a standard phone number to make calls (similar to traditional telephony).

UCaaS (also known as Unified Communications as a Service) on the other hand, is a broader set of communication tools, although it usually includes VoIP. UCaaS is a package of tools – such as VoIP, video, instant messaging, live chat, screen sharing - that are unified under one platform. Because UCaaS is usually offered on a month-to-month basis, it is also more flexible than VoIP as businesses can pay for them as required.

Whether you require a VoIP phone system or UCaaS, OGL can provide either solution via our Wildix platform. And if you’re unsure about which is best suited to your organisation, our Telephony expert Neil Stokes, who has 20 years’ experience, is on hand to discuss and run through your requirements.

What if I don’t want all the features that Wildix offers?

Your Hosted Telephony solution will be configured to meet the needs of your organisation. We have solutions available for small, medium and large organisations. Our Telephony expert Neil Stokes, who has 20 years’ experience, will run through and identify your requirements before outlining a licensing plan that’s suitable to your requirements.

Are calls made via standard phones and mobile all-inclusive?

Yes, UK national calls are all-inclusive when made by either a standard telephone, headset or mobile device.

Does your Hosted Telephony solution offer call centre reporting and recording?

Yes, our Hosted Telephony solution offers you the reporting tools needed to manage call activity.

Reporting will include the recipient’s telephone number, call duration and type. Additionally there is also a Real-time SLA (Service-Level Agreement) monitoring tool available which will enable you to identify in real-time which agents are busy or free and the number of calls in the queue (in addition to their waiting time).   

Do you provide VoIP phones and headsets?

Yes, you will have the option to have physical VoIP phones and headsets included within your Hosted Telephony solution.

Wildix is the only company that offers VoIP phones that display the presence status information of both on-site and remote employees.

What’s more the DuoLED and MonoLED headsets that we have available will also show an employee’s status and whether they’re in a call or free.

Does your Hosted Telephony include a mobile app?

Yes, you have the option to include mobile apps within the Wildix Hosted Telephony Solution. You can make calls, message/chat and exchange files via an app (that is Secure-By-Design) on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smartphone. What’s more you can also receive notifications via your Apple Watch.

What is meant by a PBX?

PBX (also known as Private Branch eXchange) describes a private telephone network used within an organisation.

Wildix’s VoIP PBX is a reliable Hosted Telephony system that is scalable, flexible and can easily adapt to the needs of your company.

What is meant by a UC&C?

UC&C (also known as Unified Communication and Collaboration tools) refers to the audio calls, chat, video calls, conferencing and screen sharing tools that your staff will use internally in order to communicate and collaborate with each other. These tools have become increasingly important as staff are increasingly working from home.

Wildix offers web-based, easy-to-use UC&C tools under one complete platform, so you’re truly unified. Wildix’s UC&C platform is also Secure-By-Design, ensuring your business communications have complete security.

Is your support team UK based?

Yes, our Hosted Telephony support team are UK based. They are located at our Kidderminster Headquarters in the West Midlands and are on hand via telephone or email: 8:45am - 5:30pm Monday – Thursday and 8:45am - 5.00pm Friday GMT time.


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