How can a business keep up to date with emerging cyber threats?

How can a business keep up to date with emerging cyber threats?

With Cyber-attacks occurring at an exponential rate, new advanced threats are being discovered daily. In fact, research has found that four new strands of malicious malware were discovered every second during Q3 of 2016 and this is continuing to increase! Without a single universal security product to protect businesses against every single attack, it’s never been more relevant to understand cyber threats and recognise where and when to look for danger trends. Intelligence is power, and the likelihood of a business being attacked comes down to whether or not the company is proactive or reactive in their attitude towards cyber security. Having access to intelligence to understand how and when new threats are born offers a proactive approach in dealing with potential threats before they cause irreparable damage and ultimately determine whether or not your business can survive modern cyber security threats.

So, what exactly is Threat Intelligence?

In short, it turns data into a valued commodity. Threat Intelligence encompasses every single detail about a cyber threat. This includes where the threat originated, who coded it, how it’s developed, the method of delivery, how impactful it could potentially be and numerous other traits. This translates your data from information to intelligence!

Threat Intelligence data can be gathered in numerous ways. One of the most common methods is for cyber security analysts, who are trained to understand and recognise vital signs, to look at previous attacks, evaluate current trends and provide detailed calculations on what threats are likely and how they could seriously damage your business.

As well as cyber analysts, artificially intelligent machine learning software is now leading the way in rigorously analysing information to produce comprehensive high-quality researched data to predict previously unseen cyber-attacks.

Why is it important and how can it benefit my business?

The benefits are numerous. Not only does it help detect existing, evolving, and emerging threats, but it also helps predict future threat sources and future attack types.

When performed properly using data that has been meticulously analysed by the correct channels, Threat Intelligence can help IT Managers or business owners make smarter business decisions when challenged with how to prepare for a cyber threat.  

It’s hard to argue the benefits of investing in cyber security until you can see the full picture and understand future and potential threats. Threat Intelligence provides this valuable information and helps highlight any potential attacks that may be critical, which can lead to decision makers updating security measures accordingly. It can assist in determining acceptable business risks, financial and budget expenditure, providing correct equipment and helping make vital staffing decisions.

By detecting threats early, your business can adapt and take a proactive approach to dealing with cyber-crime, meaning you’ll be able to determine the intent of the cyber-criminals.

This can not only help improve the security within your business, but it also helps highlight to your customers how you’re tackling a fundamental problem that modern businesses face in the 21st century. Through showcasing your business taking a proactive stance in helping fight cyber-crime, you can build trust in your customers which gives them the confidence to work alongside you or buy from your business.

How to implement Threat Intelligence…

With cyber-crime increasing, security vendors are also growing with the need to address consumer demand. Threat Intelligence tools are no different, and the market is now sprawling with them. However, not all are equal, and some are not as thorough as others. For Threat Intelligence to work, the analyst or tools must be performing its job every second of every day, scouring the vast and diverse expanse of online content for potential security threats.

When looking for a cyber security partner, make sure that they have a reputable background with notable accreditations and can offer your business multiple sources of analysed data to spot future threats.

CyberGuard is here to help…

CyberGuard Technologies is a division of OGL Computer, a company that’s been in business for over 40 years and understands the industry. CyberGuard can offer detailed Threat Intelligence to help improve your business’s security.

Holding numerous accreditations and employing senior, experienced professionals who understand the market, CyberGuard is confident in making companies proactive when it comes to cyber-crime.

It recently became the first cyber security company in the UK to secure a Threat Intelligence service agreement with world-renowned IT security provider Kaspersky Lab.

This means that they can offer multiple sources of Threat Intelligence. Firstly, they use their own in-house intelligence team, Unit 12, who gather information from their own customers which is thoroughly analysed and added to their vast database. Secondly, by working in a unique partnership with Kaspersky, they provide further intelligence using advanced machine-learning technologies and a unique pool of world experts who are capable of mining petabytes of rich threat data from hundreds of global sources.

Paul Colwell, CyberGuard Technical Director, commented: “By working closely with Kaspersky, they provide us with threat data to enhance our own intelligence team, Unit 12, who gather information for our customers on cyber-attacks. This data is then analysed thoroughly to allow us to make fully informed strategic decisions regarding cyber-threats so we are able to detect future attacks. By working with Kaspersky threat intel, we can not only help protect small to mid-sized businesses in the UK but large enterprise companies that may be targeted by advanced threat actors.”

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