How to achieve a good IT infrastructure that “just works”

The four cornerstones of an IT infrastructure that allows you to focus on running your business

Our infrastructure architects have vast experience in the design, configuration and implementation of infrastructures that “just work”. We use this phrase “just work” as over the years we have found that very often businesses simply want an IT set-up that provides a sound, solid base from which their business can operate. The technical workings behind the products and solutions aren’t really what matter to a lot of customers. Yes, they want the competitive advantages that cloud technology can offer or the reliability that the latest hardware delivers, but they glaze over at the detail (we understand not everyone is techy like us!)

So, to achieve the elusive IT infrastructure that “just works” these are, what we consider to be, the key cornerstones. Once you’ve found an IT partner that can take care of these for you, you can be assured that all these worrisome issues are theirs, and you can get on with running a successful business.

“OGL not only clearly understood the needs of our business but their consultative approach ensured we implemented the most appropriate solution coupled with innovative thinking to meet all our objectives.” 

IT Support

Get in place an IT support contract that means you and your employees can work safe in the knowledge that expert advice and assistance is just a phone call or email away. The last thing you want is employees who have their own jobs to be concentrating on trying to (probably ineffectively) sort IT issues out that are understandably beyond them. We currently support over 1,200 businesses and every day we’re working to keep them productive. We’ve faced every kind of IT issue and user query imaginable and always have a fast, efficient fix – all delivered by our friendly team of experts.

IT Security

It goes without saying that cyber security must be taken care of. Virus attacks, hackers, spam and malicious emails are a major headache for any business; big or small. How much would it cost if your system was corrupted for a day, a week or what about if your data was irretrievable? Would you pay a ransom if an attacker told you it was the only way they’d return your access? And what about the cost to your reputation? How many customers would remain loyal if you were to suffer a big security breach? It’s honestly not worth the risk.

Our teams can put in place sophisticated protection that forms a security defence around your business making it extremely hard for an attacker to gain access. Our team can even hold training sessions for your staff, coaching them on the importance of IT security and their role in protecting your company against threats.

Remote Access

We recommend enabling remote access to your systems. It’s virtually unheard of for a business to have no field-based staff these days. And the government’s flexible working directive means the number of home workers is likely to grow and businesses should ensure they are offering modern, flexible workplaces to attract the best workers.

We have numerous methods of building an infrastructure which allows access to your files, applications and emails away from the office. No more flustered calls back to the office asking a colleague to email something over to your personal email account ahead of a client meeting – unprofessional, inefficient and not to mention a security risk!

Data Backup

The final vital cornerstone of a good infrastructure that “just works” is ensuring reliable backup of your data to a secure location. We strongly recommend our suite of cloud products which backup data to our cloud data centre where security is at a maximum. If you suffer any kind of data loss or corruption you can be sure that a copy is safely in the data centre which can be recovered at any time. We have a range of products offering recovery timeframes of seconds, hours, days or weeks, depending on your business’s needs.

So, support, security, remote access and backup are the four key issues that need to be taken care of and built into your IT solution. Our IT Consultants would be more than happy to speak to you about your IT infrastructure and configure you a set up that will work perfectly for your business and “just work.”

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