About IntaPeople

Established in 1994, IntaPeople is a recruitment company that specialises within the Technical and Engineering industries. With a head office based in Cardiff, IntaPeople source high quality candidates for a wide range of permanent, contract and temporary positions across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. They employ 40 members of staff and have 40 PC’s / laptops and 10 servers on-site.

Number of Employees: 40

Partnered with OGL since: 2017

Company Location: Cardiff

Company Website: www.intapeople.com

Working with businesses to understand their cyber security concerns

With cyber security attacks in the news on an almost daily basis, companies of all sizes now take cyber threats seriously, and it is now appearing more frequently on business’ priority lists. IT recruitment specialists, IntaPeople have done just that and their IT Manager was responsible for finding a cyber security partner they could trust and rely on. “We have always managed our IT security internally. However, with security becoming more of a priority for us, we have upgraded our infrastructure accordingly to ensure that our users, clients and candidates are protected, and our data is as secure as possible. Once those upgrades were complete, we felt that we needed a “fresh pair of eyes” to assess our security from an outsider’s perspective.”

This is where CyberGuard came in. In early 2017, IntaPeople’s IT Manager contacted CyberGuard to discuss how they could help protect their business from cyber-threats. He said: “We have known about OGL / CyberGuard for some time and whilst there are a lot of security companies out there, after speaking with CyberGuard’s security experts they were one of the most approachable and knowledgeable without the high-pressure sales approach of some other suppliers.”

After initial discussions, CyberGuard performed a vulnerability assessment, which was the first step in understanding the threat an attacker or employee may potentially pose to the company’s network or data.

After examining IntaPeople’s servers, networks and firewalls, CyberGuard performed a vulnerability scan on all of their network-connected devices. Once completed, IntaPeople received a full report pinpointing the potential existing weaknesses and categorised them with critical, high, medium and low risk ratings.

IntaPeople’s IT Manager said: “The vulnerability assessment allowed us to see which areas of our security needed improvement and, whilst there weren’t any specific “alarm bells”, CyberGuard did identify a few areas for improvement. We wanted to ensure that our infrastructure is as secure as possible without over-investing unnecessarily. CyberGuard took a common-sense approach and advised us of a number of tools that could help us improve security and monitor our infrastructure moving forward.”

Next-generation anti-virus...

Recruitment companies typically receive very high volumes of emails and so CyberGuard recommended that IntaPeople use a next-generation anti-virus product such as Carbon Black. Carbon Black develops endpoint security software that can detect malicious behaviour and prevents malicious files from attacking businesses.

After installing Carbon Black’s next-generation anti-virus (AV), IntaPeople’s IT Manager said “After upgrading our firewall to include intrusion and threat detection, it made sense to upgrade our anti-virus to a next-generation solution. Particularly with the volume of CV’s and other documents that we open daily. I feel that next-generation anti-virus protection is essential, and Carbon Black runs a lot more efficiently than our previous anti-virus solution with less maintenance and troubleshooting required. This has increased overall performance for our users and reduced the number of anti-virus related issues we previously had to deal with.

The fact that Carbon Black is SOC (Security Operations Centre) monitored and managed is also a big advantage as it is one less solution for us to administer / maintain. If we do receive any alerts from Carbon Black, we have the reassurance that they are being investigated immediately and pose no threat to our users or our infrastructure.”  

As cyber-attackers develop more intuitive ways in getting around advanced security procedures, the cyber threat landscape changes on a regular basis. Keeping customers updated via customer update emails, blogs, web pages, reports or social media activity, is a key priority for CyberGuard. A priority that’s been noticed by IntaPeople: “CyberGuard has kept us up-to-date with the latest security trends and solutions, only recommending the best and most suitable solutions. Their support service is second to none and we will continue to work with CyberGuard to implement the relevant solutions and services over time. In fact, we are in discussions with CyberGuard at the moment about our next steps.”

“CyberGuard will help you understand your current position when it comes to security, help you resolve / remediate any issues and keep you secure so that you don’t have to continuously monitor and firefight.”


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