• Minimum security required for all businesses

    Virus attacks, hackers, spam and malicious emails are a major headache for any business; big or small. As the methods of attack have become more complex, so have the measures needed to manage these threats. That’s why so many companies turn to us for professional, comprehensive protection from IT security risks.

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    IT Security Services

    Minimum IT security services needed in all businesses…

  • “OGL's friendly and knowledgeable manner is a welcome approach and we view them as an extension of our own business. They have consistently helped and advised on all aspects of IT.”

    Excelsior Panelling Systems

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    Customer Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve digitally transformed our customers' business.

  • Protect your business; don’t get caught out!

    Our IT Security services will give you peace of mind that your basic security is being taking care of. If you are looking for more enhanced cyber security services then our sister company, CyberGuard Technologies, can help.

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    Why invest in IT Security?

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      Uncover weaknesses
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      Stop known threats
    • IT Security Services icon#3
      Business continuity with minimal disruption
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      Highly trained technicians
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      Peace of mind
  • Anti-Virus Protection

    Cost-effective first line protection With cyber-crime increasing year-on-year it’s no longer if you will be targeted, but when. Our anti-virus solution provides security against viruses and w...

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Add an extra layer of protection We were able to crack 6,634,204,312,890,625 passwords in only 2.5 days! By simply implementing our Multi-Factor Authentication solution it will dramatically impe...

    5 Remote Working Security Tips

    Building a remote workforce serves as a necessary business tool and contingency buffer in the event of business disruption.  With millions of individuals in the UK now working remotely due to qua...