Protect your business; don’t get caught out

  • Weaknesses are identified to stop attacks before they start
  • Business continuity is ensured with minimal disruption
  • Vulnerable security areas can be prioritised
  • Compliance with liability guidelines is made easier
  • Feel fully confident using your IT systems

Information and network security needs to be a key consideration for any business these days

Virus attacks, hackers, spam and malicious emails are a major headache for any business; big or small.

As the methods of attack have become more complex, so have the measures needed to manage these threats. That’s why so many companies turn to us for professional, comprehensive protection from IT security risks.

Highly trained technicians at your disposal

We devise solutions that feature a range of products including: firewalls, anti-virus, web-filtering, anti-spam and VPN connections, in conjunction with the world’s leading providers of security products: Kaspersky Lab and WatchGuard.

Ready to be deployed via the cloud or onsite, Kaspersky and WatchGuard products are the ultimate in IT security.

Our team of highly qualified Technical Consultants can evaluate your current network for strengths and weaknesses and recommend the best solution for your needs and budget.

A full product range, delivered by experts


Used for blocking unwanted traffic, whether it be protection from emails with very large file sizes or executable files which autorun, OGL use firewalls from WatchGuard as the first line of defence.


Kaspersky Lab anti-virus solutions help protect your network from viruses and worms. The synergy between OGL and Kaspersky Lab ensures the very best service for our customers.


VPN is the backbone of a solid network infrastructure which connects remote users or sites securely. OGL supplies VPN configurations through a team of highly certified technical engineers. Partnering with WatchGuard, OGL supplies the latest technologies for network security.

Web filtering

WatchGuard web filtering products from OGL have revolutionised the management of web activity within businesses, ensuring a safe operating environment which optimises staff productivity.


OGL uses Forcepoint (formerly known as Websense) to scan inbound and outbound email to dramatically reduce spam. 

A Kaspersky Platinum Partner

OGL is one of only a few businesses within the UK to be a Kaspersky Platinum Partner. This prestigious accreditation ensures that we can offer the highest levels of security for your business.

Access to exceptional knowledge, experience and skills from our friendly team is all part of our service. 

Looking for Managed Cyber Security service?

We have a special Cyber Security division within the OGL Group which is dedicated to the delivery and implementation of a range of state-of-the-art services which defend companies against the ever-increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks.

These services go above and beyond our standard security services and are for businesses that understand the very real threat of cyber attackers and want the optimum defence in place to protect their organisation.

Contact us to see how we can help keep your business safe

Anti-Virus & Firewalls

OGL's prestigious accreditations ensures that we can offer the highest levels of security for your business.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an alternative layer of protection when users sign in, so they will be asked for their username, password and a third layer of random authentication.

Web & Email Security

Let us scan your emails for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam.


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