IT solutions for remote workers

Working remotely, whilst convenient for your staff, can sometimes come with IT challenges. Staff could face difficulties accessing emails or files that are key to completing their day-to-day responsibilities and tasks, and so retain local copies of important documents which can then pose a security threat to the business.

We understand that not every business will have an IT strategy in place centred around remote working, but we would like to help you implement one. With over 45 years’ experience and hundreds of well-renowned customers across multiple sectors, we’re confident we can deliver an industry-leading solution for your business.

VPN Implementation

One way to ensure employees have access to the business network at all times is by deploying a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN acts as a secure connection between an individual PC or laptop and a business IT network.

This secure connection allows for the use of assets such as network drives while working remotely, effectively allowing your staff to be on your business network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Not only are VPNs a good way of accessing files and improving efficiency, but they also act as a secure and encrypted way to transfer data between a remote endpoint and your business network.

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VPN Implementation
IT Support

IT Support

When a large portion of your workforce is working remotely, if an IT issue occurs it can be stressful for both the employee and the IT staff. Not only does a situation like this reduce the productivity of the affected employee, but it also adds more responsibility to the IT team who may already be behind schedule due to other similar issues.

Whether you need simple IT support, on-site assistance or something more advanced, OGL IT Solutions offers IT support delivered by industry experts.

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Hosted Desktops

For remote workers, Hosted Desktops offer a flexible and secure way for employees to access everything they need. Hosted Desktops run on a VM (Virtual Machine) usually situated at your business premises, allowing an employee to connect from a multitude of devices and web browsers.

Not only are Hosted Desktops ultra-secure, but they also allow employees to connect to their work desktops from any PC, mobile or tablet with an internet connection. OGL IT Solutions offers full support and guidance on deploying and implementing Hosted Desktops.

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Hosted Desktops
Patch Management

Patch Management

It’s no secret that keeping your software up to date is important for functionality, and more importantly, security.

With the emergence of remote workforces, attempting to consistently update devices in a timely manner can be a challenge for IT teams.

OGL IT Solutions offers Patch Management as a service, designed to automatically update your employees’ devices, often without them even knowing, increasing security and reducing risk to you and your business.

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Microsoft 365

For remote workers, ensuring organisation and productivity is critical, but if your workforce is using different tools to complete tasks, this can cause incompatibility and efficiency issues whilst encouraging security breaches such as data exfiltration between work and home devices.

Improve your efficiency by consolidating the tools used by your business. OGL IT Solutions offers support for Microsoft 365, a cloud-based service containing popular software packages such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint which ensures your files and emails are all in one place.

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microsoft 365


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