Protecting your data

Data is undeniably important for every business. Regardless of the types of data you store, there’s a good possibility that any form of data loss, data breach or cyber-attack would have detrimental consequences for your business.

Continue reading to discover how OGL IT Solutions offers products and services designed to improve the safety of your data. With over 45 years’ experience in the IT industry, we’re confident we can find a data solution that suits your business.

Backup & recovery

Without a robust and tested backup and recovery solution, your business could be left vulnerable to data loss. Accidental damage, malfunctioning hardware and cyber-attacks pose a potential threat.

By utilising a cloud-based backup and recovery option, your data can be automatically backed up on a daily basis and recovered in a matter of minutes.

OGL IT Solutions offers support and implementation of advanced backup and recovery services, designed to ensure that in the event of data loss, your business is protected.

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Data Backup & Recovery
patch management

Patch Management

System updates across your IT infrastructure are paramount in ensuring the continued operation of your network, as well as reducing the risk of data breaches through unpatched vulnerabilities.

OGL IT Solutions offers a Patch Management service designed to keep your devices’ software up to date automatically, often without you even noticing, greatly reducing the risks of cyber criminals gaining access to your data through known vulnerabilities.

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Advanced protection from CyberGuard

Cyber attacks are on the rise with data being the primary target for cyber criminals. Ransomware attacks attempt to hold your data hostage in exchange for payment. With a robust backup solution in place, your data could be recovered in a matter of minutes, but your data has still been stolen and potentially sold on to other criminals on the dark web.

OGL’s specialist cyber security division, CyberGuard, offers advanced cyber security services designed to monitor, protect and respond to cyber security threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year reducing the likelihood of data theft.

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