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Enterprise-grade strategic solution designed for new customer wanting to go virtual

When OGL Computer began working with Joseph Ash Galvanizing in summer 2015 it was clear that the Halesowen-based company were a force to be reckoned with in their industry and had embedded first class standards across their business.

Furthermore it was clear that the company would be looking for the same pedigree in the new partner they were seeking to strengthen their IT infrastructure.

“We were delighted to be given the opportunity to pitch to Joseph Ash. We offer the best-of-breed technology at OGL Computer and it was clear that Joseph Ash were the calibre of company that should have enterprise-grade IT solutions in place.” said Steve Bennett, OGL’s Enterprise Solutions Architect.

Steve specialises in the architecture of bespoke IT solutions for enterprise businesses and could see the potential there was to improve IT at Joseph Ash and ensure the business was operating efficiently and securely across its eight locations. “A one size fits all approach does not work for customers like Joseph Ash. I pride myself on understanding businesses, including their staff and their long term goals, in order to design an IT road map and strategy that is most effective for each business I work with.”

The I.T & Marketing Manager at Joseph Ash, commented: “After reviewing the bids from OGL and two other potential suppliers we simply felt that OGL would be better suited to provide the type of solution we required. It became very apparent during the bidding stage that OGL were fully committed to working in true partnership with us. OGL presented themselves as a very professional organisation and were wholly impressive.”

“The major challenge in upgrading our infrastructure was that of moving from an older physical server infrastructure that was running end of life operating systems. We wanted to move to a fully virtualised environment running the latest available operating systems.

“With limited internal understanding of virtualisation we required the successful bidder to have extensive knowledge of this as well as being prepared to share this knowledge with us during the implementation process.”

Delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking company, Steve and colleagues set about designing Joseph Ash’s solution to meet their every need.

“I am so glad that we chose OGL to work with on this project and may this be the start of an excellent working relationship going forward. Without doubt I will have no hesitation in recommending OGL to colleagues and other peers I come into contact with.”

Joseph Ash Solution Features:

Virtualised infrastructure

A solution designed around two Hewlett Packard host servers running VMware hyper-visor as a mature virtualisation platform. Designed to provide a centralised management system enabling the internal IT team to manage their entire server farm from a single console thereby improving efficiency, performance and productivity.

New server hardware

Servers from the Hewlett Packard DL series are versatile, rack optimised and have a balance of efficiency, performance and management, designed with scalability in mind, enabling dual processor capability.


A localised NAS device was implemented at head office with Veeam backup and replicated software to backup the local server estate. One of the existing host servers was moved to a second Joseph Ash site where it became a disaster recovery target using Veeam Cloud Connect. This enhanced the backup routine and built in a level of disaster recovery to complement the local VM backup images.

Replacement firewall

A new firewall has been implemented, specifically engineered for mid-sized and distributed enterprises, to replace the existing device to enhance security, improve management and to provide a level of high availability (HA). An excellent solution in the face of an explosive growth in bandwidth rates, encrypted traffic, video use and connection speeds.

Powerful security

Best-of-breed security components and software from WatchGuard underpin the Joseph Ash solution throughout and offer boosted protection in critical attack areas across the infrastructure.

Business class email

Microsoft Office 365 will provide business class email, calendar and contacts delivered to employees’ PCs, phones and browsers. New levels of reliability have been achieved whilst also ensuring protection of sensitive and confidential information.

The new solution was installed by OGL’s Planned Services Team over the course of 17 days to reduce downtime at Joseph Ash.

Project summary from Joseph Ash

“The investment in our new infrastructure will provide us with a platform for future growth” asserted I.T & Marketing Manager, Mick. “We will be able to bring on-board and integrate new acquisitions, domains and systems much more efficiently now. The provision of a virtualised estate also allows us to test out new implementations prior to live roll out much more effectively.”

“In working with OGL we have been able to upgrade our systems at a quicker pace than would have been possible doing the work in-house. Because of the excellent professionalism of OGL personnel we have been able to ‘learn as we go’ about the new systems during implementation. OGL staff took care to spend time with us explaining and educating our internal I.T resource which has been invaluable.”

“Mike and Angie [from OGL’s Planned Services Team] are a credit to OGL. Mike, who was onsite leading the installation project, was very knowledgeable on the various technical subject matters and even took the time to help us on other areas that we were having issues with. Mike also portrayed an extremely professional image throughout the implementation.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to OGL as a whole for the way the project has been managed from conception through to conclusion. All OGL personnel I have had dealings with have been extremely professional and knowledgeable in their particular areas of work.

“I am so glad that we chose OGL to work with on this project and may this be the start of an excellent working relationship going forward. Without doubt I will have no hesitation in recommending OGL to colleagues and other peers I come into contact with.”

Cyber Security

Joseph Ash also has a number of services with our Cyber Security division, CyberGuard. To view their cyber security case study, click here.

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