Karen Hughes Celebrates 35 Years | OGL Group

A huge congratulations to Karen Hughes who recently celebrated 35 years at OGL.

Karen looks back on the last 35 years:

“Keeping it brief after 35 years is pretty difficult, so in a nutshell here goes. My working life at OGL started in the Accounts Department as a Sales Ledger Clerk on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme). Following this, I moved to work in our Consumable Sales Division and then went on to work in the Technical Department co-ordinating the Field Engineers. Over the following years I have regularly moved between the Accounts and Technical Departments doing various roles where I have been involved with areas such as Stores, Purchasing, Credit Control, Installations, Field and the Service Desk. I eventually settled in the Technical Department and my current role is Head of IT Solutions Support, which is a role that I thoroughly enjoy, working with a fantastic team.

“I have achieved a lot over the years and have been extremely lucky to work for the same company but have so many different opportunities, working in so many areas of the business each bringing various new challenges. What stands out the most though is the people. I can honestly say that whichever department I have worked in they have all been one of my favourite aspects of working at OGL. I have made some great friendships and have some great memories. Hopefully, there will be many more to come.”

Neil Morris congratulates her on her 35 years at OGL:

“I remember Karen starting not long before we moved onto Hartlebury Trading Estate: A young girl in the Accounts department who joined us on a government Youth Training Scheme (YTS). No doubt in that era there was plenty of filing and tea making in the job description! In the early years Karen moved a few times between the Accounts department and the Technical department, later settling in Technical as she moved up the management ladder.

“Karen has reported directly to me at various times in her career. Around 20 years ago, I worked closely with Karen when she was running Installations (later called Planned Services). She did an excellent job controlling the engineers, making sure the kit was available, managing customer expectations and, most importantly, collecting the money.

“I frequently meet with local schools and colleges to discuss apprenticeships and I often tell the story of a young girl joining OGL on a YTS scheme who progressed to senior management running one of our largest support divisions. All of this was achieved by hard work, flexibility, total commitment, enthusiasm and dedication. In her 35 years, Karen has seen the challenges and ups and downs of building a company such as ours in a fast moving industry. When she joined there was no internet, no one used anti-virus software or email, most customers backed their data up on floppy disks and nearly every support call resulted in a site visit. Plus of course, we were still selling typewriters!

“Karen has taken the constant technology and structural changes all in her stride and, on behalf of the directors, I want to thank her for making such a wonderful contribution to the growth and success of OGL.”