Karen May-Wilcox Celebrates 21 Years

A huge congratulations to Karen May-Wilcox who recently celebrated 21 years at OGL.

Karen looks back on the last 21 years:

“I started my time with OGL as a trainer on the prof.IT system but after a very short period I was asked to help on the Support team and that was a real learning curve for me. Mick Hood was always my go-to person and I must have driven him mad at times with all my questions! 

“prof.ITplus was being developed around this period and was at a stage where they needed someone to test the product so I moved into Development. I had never been involved with testing before but, always up for a challenge, I gave it my best and used to get really excited when I found any ‘bugs’. I’m sure Phil Hawkes wasn’t quite so thrilled though. Stationery was my bug bear and one of my colleagues called it a Twix day when testing stationery and always put a Twix on my desk to help me get through the day.

“My next big challenge came when we took CCF on board. They were having a lot of bespoke programming and I was asked to take the project on from testing through to delivering the training and managing the project. I spent a lot of time in Wales working with the different branches and came to love west Wales so much that I now have a caravan on a seasonal site there.

“I then started to project manage all the prof.ITplus sites, a position that I really loved. During this period I visited sites with trainers and had some really nice times. I then took on the Team Leader role for Software Delivery for some time but, wanting to reduce my hours, I returned to training, this time the internal training of prof.ITplus.

“In 2020 I joined the Profit4 Team and I’m now the Team Lead for the Implementation Consultants and Internal Trainer, plus any other task that’s thrown my way. I think moving to Profit4 was my biggest challenge of all, learning a product from scratch again, but the team are fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed working with every one of them.

“I have loved the opportunities that have been given to me over the years and have worked with many wonderful people, a lot of whom are still with OGL. I feel that I have known them for so long; they are more like friends and are etched on my heart.”

Phil Baker-Clarke, Karen’s manager, congratulates her on her 21 years at OGL:

“I couldn’t imagine the Delivery team without Karen May-Wilcox. A formidable lady who never shies away from hard work and challenging situations. Having worked for and with Karen for nearly 15 years, her professionalism and strong work ethic holds us all to a high standard.

“Karen May embraces and owns any work I put her way. One example of this is our flagship (Profit4) Learn4 training programme, gaining feedback from delegates about how well structured and thought out the programme is. The high standards expected are demonstrated in the high quality training delivered to our customers. Well done Karen.”