Karen Scanlon Celebrates 5 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Karen Scanlon who is the latest member of staff to join the Long Service Club having recently celebrated her 5th anniversary at OGL. Karen was presented with an Amazon eVoucher from Emma Porter on behalf of all the Directors.

Karen looks back on the last 5 years:

“I first joined OGL as a Software Tester in the prof.ITplus Team working on the first floor in the Stourport Office. I remember spending several weeks learning about the system and was invited to join customer training sessions which was very interesting and gave me further insight into the systems functionality.

“After a few months I was given the opportunity to join the ‘P4’ team as a Software Tester. Initially when I joined the Profit4 team there was a lot to learn, but thanks to the patience and coaching from my colleagues Nathan Lord and Andrew Davies, I quickly gained understanding of the Agile processes and associated software apps the team use daily (including Profit4!)."

Nathan Lord, Karen’s manager, congratulates her on her 5 years at OGL:

“Q: How do you ensure the quality of a brand-new application, written using new technologies, containing a comprehensive feature set with a critical time to release?

“A: You hire Karen Scanlon!

“Since day one of onboarding 5 years ago, Karen has been steadfast and resolved in helping us achieve excellence – not only through learning a new system from an end user perspective, but also learning the innovative methods of interacting with the user interface introduced with the cutting-edge web technologies of P4.

“No matter the subject, the complexity, or the sheer volume of software features that the dev team put Karen’s way, she remains completely un-phased and sees every task through with an unparalleled level of consistency.

“In my days as a developer, I would hand over a piece of work to Karen, knowing that her razor-sharp testing skills and watchful eye aren’t going to let all but the trickiest of bugs past her dominion of quality control.

“Ever keen to help, Karen’s abilities are not limited to just the testing domain, as she is a valued asset to the entire division, offering help and assistance whenever called upon.

“Karen, congratulations on this milestone, this is truly a fitting recognition of the dedication and hard work you’ve put into making P4 the success it has become. You are with all sincerity a complete joy to work with and I, and the team, look forward to the next 5 years and beyond!”