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About Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick was founded over 160 years ago in 1855 by William Kirkpatrick. The company is immensely proud to be the only manufacturer of traditional black ironmongery in the UK who genuinely pour their own metal. Kirkpatrick believes that their 160-year tradition for producing handmade ironmongery and utilising the skills of their local workforce, gives the company’s products a style, authenticity and longevity that cannot be matched by less expensive, poor quality imitations.

Did you know: The founder, William Kirkpatrick, became the Mayor of Walsall. 

Number of Employees: 58

Partnered with OGL since: 2002

Company Location: Walsall

Company Website: www.kirkpatrick.co.uk/

Manufacturer and supplier, Kirkpatrick, use prof.ITplus to control their stock 

Previously on Prof.IT, Kirkpatrick have been a customer since 2002 and in 2014 upgraded to our flagship ERP software solution, prof.ITplus as “we were pleased to remain using the same system but in the upgraded version because we were happy with the software.”

Kirkpatrick is in a unique position of being both manufacturers and stockists and prof.ITplus has helped them to overcome the challenges they face in keeping control of their stock, communicating with their suppliers and stockists and managing the order process. “We manufacture most of our product line, but we are also expected to be stockists by our traditional distributors, so the Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing modules are essential tools which help us link up the, sometimes diametrically opposed, processes of manufacturing and stockholding. Naturally the prof.ITplus Stock Management module itself is at the core of this conundrum.”

“Without this system it would be extremely difficult to manage and keep track of all the orders that are sent into Kirkpatrick”

“We have 3 main challenges as manufacturers and stockists in that we use the system to help manage: tracking stock levels, managing orders and communicating with our stockists and customers.” prof.ITplus was developed to help companies connect all areas of their business and it aims to remove the manual and time-consuming tasks that inhibit businesses to deliver quality service in a cost-effective way. Kirkpatrick utilises the modules within prof.ITplus to streamline their processes, stay competitive and ensure they run a smooth process right from creation of the products to selling products to their customers.

Tracking stock levels

“prof.ITplus is extremely important for managing our stock levels. Having prof.ITplus has helped to increase accuracy and efficiency for the packing and dispatching department too as they can easily mark items as sent.

“We manufacture a huge range of ironmongery which is distributed by our stockists and it helps that many of these stockists also operate prof.ITplus. This is particularly important when the system upgrades and enhancements are affected by suggestions from customers in the ironmongery distributor field.”

Order processing

Order processing is the main function we use prof.ITplus for and it is an essential tool in the day to day running of our business. Every order from our customers is put on the system so all relevant departments can start to process the order, which helps with the overall efficiency of the business communications. Without prof.ITplus, it would be extremely difficult to manage and track all orders.

“In addition, the Sales Analysis and Business Intelligence modules are powerful tools to extract historic data to enable us to analyse trends in an effort to plan for the future.”


“The CRM has given us a much greater insight into what our customers are buying on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. We use the CRM to track all communications we have sent out and schedule new communications to our suppliers or customers.

A forward-thinking company

Although Kirkpatrick is a traditional company, and those values will always be at the heart of their company, they also ensure, with the help of prof.ITplus, that they’re forward thinking and prepared to adapt to ensure they stay competitive in the market and can effectively continue to do what they do best – handmake products to last. 

“The Sales Analysis and Business Intelligence modules are powerful tools to extract historic data from the system to enable us to analyse trends in an effort to plan for the future.”

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