About Lanemark Combustion Engineering

Since they were formed in 1981, Lanemark is nationally known for designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing and commissioning gas burning systems. They also provide an aftersales service for heating burner systems that are used for liquid tank heating, process air heating and fired heaters within the Oil and Gas Industry. 

Their head office is based in Warwickshire where they employee around 30 staff.

Number of Employees: 30

Partnered with OGL since: 2013

Company Location: Warwickshire

Company Website: www.lanemark.com

OGL’s proactive rather than reactive support is key to Lanemark’s success

Back in 2013 OGL won the business of highly respected heating company, Lanemark Combustion Engineering, to provide all their IT support. OGL offers numerous IT services to Lanemark including unlimited telephone support and a four hour onsite response time by an engineer. OGL offers a range of tiered support packages that can be individually suited to businesses with varying IT needs. Lanemark currently has two servers, 20 network users and five remote users with VPN access.

We caught up with Lanemark’s Managing Director who was keen to speak to us about how OGL has impacted their business:

Before partnering with OGL, how did you manage your IT system?

“We have used external support companies for more than 20 years, and periodically we invite external providers to present their support packages and submit a proposal for how they can help us. OGL came to visit us and we were very impressed by what they proposed for our IT infrastructure which has had a great impact on the day to day running of our business. OGL has always offered us proactive IT support, whereas our previous IT providers would only ever offer reactive support.”

How has OGL’s IT support enabled you to improve your business operation?

“OGL has allowed our business to be much more efficient; in particular their suite of cloud products has enable us to access our data anywhere in the world. With hosted services and VPN access it means that our employees can still do business whilst travelling, so there is no downtime. OGL also supports us by providing remote monitoring for our servers so we don’t have to worry about server downtime which could severely disrupt our business.”

What’s the most critical aspect of IT for your operation?

“The most critical aspect of our IT is the operation, maintenance and backup of our server data and our SQL database which is all supported by OGL. This is essential for our business. Our historical data is also our reference point for providing intelligent aftersales to customers, so it’s imperative that all our data is backed up and supported. Our hardware is essential to our business too, such as our PC’s, which are all supplied, set-up and maintained by OGL.”

What are your future plans for the business?

“We are looking to grow through the development of our products combined with efficient expansion of our IT hardware and remote electronic service reporting. With new improvements happening all the time in the IT industry it’s great that our OGL Account Manager keeps us informed of up-to-date advances and developments in technology. He advises us on how this could be relevant to enhancing the operation, administration and growth of our business.”

How has working with OGL benefitted you most?

“OGL has a very proactive approach to their support which has proved essential for our business. We have regular meetings with our Account Manager, at which we also discuss our own ambitions for growth so he can suggest how new advances in technology may be used to enable us to achieve our goals. Working closely with our OGL Account Manager has benefited us as he advises us on updates or new versions of products and whether the time is right to take the upgrade or to wait until these have been proven to be reliable. We have a great relationship with OGL and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

OGL services delivered to Lanemark:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Loan equipment in the event of a first time fix not being achieved
  • Call vetting
  • Remote support
  • Four hour onsite response by an engineer
  • Full reload of server

"OGL has provided an excellent proactive service in supporting our network server and SQL server, as well as supplying and setting up our user PC’s and Microsoft Office software packages. Our Account Manager keeps us informed of up-to-date advances and developments in hardware and advises us on how this could be relevant to enhancing the operation / administration and growth of our business."

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