Protect, detect & kill threats to your network

We’ve all been there; hovered over an email attachment, not knowing whether to open it or not. Unfortunately, it’s that easy to fall victim to cyber-crime. How can you detect if that attachment contains a hidden malicious script? Sadly, you can’t, but our next-generation anti-virus solutions, can.

They combine security measures to help protect, detect and kill threats to your network and prevent attacks that would evade traditional anti-virus security products, providing you with an advanced threat protection solution.

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    Attack surface reduction
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    Continuous real-time monitoring
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    Inspects files & identifies threats through user behavioural scanning
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    Endpoint detection & response
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    Managed by Threat Experts

Brands across all sectors turn to CyberGuard for their cyber security

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What does CyberGuard's Managed Anti-Virus service include?

  • Next-generation protection
  • A team of Threat Experts proactively managing your anti-virus solution and responding to threats
  • Each endpoint is monitored in real-time looking for indicators of compromise
  • All alerts investigated and followed up within our defined priority-based SLAs
  • Ongoing review of policies to ensure your endpoint is protected against latest threats
  • Full upgrade path to the latest stable product release

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managed anti-virus detect and response times

Our manual response times

When a manual response is required, time to first response:

  • 15 minutes for Critical and High alerts 
  • 1 hour for Medium alerts 
  • 4 hours for Low alerts 

Time to resolution:

  • 1 hour for Critical alerts 
  • 2 hours for High alerts 
  • 4 hours for Medium alerts 
  • 24 hours for Low alerts 

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Why choose OGL?

  • We use industry-leading solutions
  • A team of highly accredited Threat Experts at your disposal
  • Trusted by brands across all sectors
  • ISO:9001, ISO:27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited
  • Microsoft Gold Partner & Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate
  • CREST & OSCP Accredited
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier
  • UK based 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Centre)
  • Part of a network of 300 OGL staff
  • London & Midlands offices

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is carbon black right for my business?

Is your solution right for my business?

Endpoint protection that adapts to your business.

Cyber-crime is part and parcel of the 21st century, however, it’s not just major businesses being targeted. Cyber-attackers aren’t prejudiced on the size of businesses, which is why a managed anti-virus solution is essential for small, medium or large businesses looking to detect smarter threats to your network.

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We invested in a state-of-the-art, next-generation anti-virus product. With cyber-attackers getting more sophisticated, [the solution] protects our business as it not only looks for known viruses and malware, but also inspects threats by reviewing our employees’ behaviour.

This deeper level of inspection enables CyberGuard to spot complex threats that would normally go undetected

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