Managed Firewall

Proactive management &

maintenance of your firewall

  • Regular, proactive maintenance of your firewall
  • Daily monitoring and threat inspection allowing you to reduce downtime and increase performance 
  • Log collection and analysis to help identify any potential security breaches

CyberGuard’s Managed Firewall service, powered by WatchGuard, who offer world-reknown, secure and reliable security products, is a proactive security service. It not only monitors and maintains your firewall to make sure it is up-to-date with the latest security patches, but it also provides detailed analysis of user and traffic behaviour.

Taking the proactive approach

All traffic passing through your network will go through your company firewall. Making sure that this firewall is up-to-date and configured to protect your network is vital in your protection against cyber criminals. 

CyberGuard can take responsibility for the configuration, maintenance and management of your firewall, as well as updating security patches and ensuring the recommended latest security policies are in place.

Your firewall is your first line of defence and will be continually scanned and probed by cyber criminals looking for weaknesses. Monitoring these scans and acting on intrusion alerts is critical, as well as understanding the type of traffic coming in and out of your network.

Allowing us to proactively report on users’ behaviour will not only improve productivity but will give you better control over malicious software being downloaded onto your network.

We'll do all the work, so you can get on with your work

As a managed cyber security service provider, we work as an extension of your business to fill any cyber security gaps through managed service offerings, such as initial deployment and configuration, ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting.

CyberGuard's managed security services are critical for businesses that do not have the required resources or expertise to ensure continuous protection and a strong cyber security presence.

Let us reduce your downtime, increase your performance, and ensure that your security stays ahead of the cyber criminals.

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