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Unfortunately, even the most skilled IT Manager may not have time to investigate all your security alerts, along with keeping pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Operating from CyberGuard’s UK Security Operations Centre, our highly skilled team of security experts will monitor your IT footprint, detecting and investigating threats using the very latest SIEM technology.

CyberGuard's Managed SIEM services are built using Microsoft Azure Sentinel or AlienVault technologies to deliver proven, enterprise-class solutions.

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    Key cyber security measures implemented
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    Real-time inspection of network traffic
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    Identify known & newly emerging vulnerabilities
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    Management of your cyber defences
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    Microsoft Certified Security Operations Analyst Associate

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Our SIEM Management Solution

Our premier level managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service provides a complete package of cyber security measures.

Vulnerability Assessment
Behavioural Monitoring
Asset Discovery
Security Management
Alarm Management & Analysis
Intrusion Detection

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Crown Commercial Service Supplier

CREST accredited

Threat Intelligence

As with any of our Detect & Incident Response services, you’ll experience the extra benefit of our Threat Intelligence service at no extra cost. This will offer greater visibility of threats before they occur, enabling your business to be kept up-to-date with the ever-changing threat landscape and making sure you’re continuing to take a proactive approach to tackle cyber-crime.

CyberGuard's Managed SIEM services are built using Microsoft Azure Sentinel or AlienVault technologies to deliver proven, enterprise-class solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Managed SIEM service?

CyberGuard’s Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology will integrate with your organisation to collect security data (such as failed/attempted logins, malware activity, malicious activity etc.) from network devices, servers, systems, applications and security technologies SIEM will then normalise and aggregate this collected data – actively analysing it to identify trends and potential threats.

When a potential threat is identified CyberGuard’s team of Security Experts are then alerted (and if you have the Managed SOC element) they will manually investigate the potential threat and respond if necessary. CyberGuard’s security experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to investigate and respond.

Who uses SIEM?

Businesses across all sectors can benefit from Managed SIEM cyber security as it offers the highest level of protection from potential cyber-attacks. Additionally, it can also help demonstrate compliance for industry regulations and GDPR.

Why do we need SIEM?

SIEM technology is important to your cyber security strategy as it allows you to actively analyse high volumes of security data to identify and prioritise potential threats. SIEM therefore enables you to detect incidents that would otherwise go undetected and would leave your data and business vulnerable.

How can Managed SIEM help with compliance requirements?

A managed SIEM cyber security solution can help demonstrate compliance for industry regulations and GDPR. What’s more if you operate in a sector that requires you to provide logged security event reports, CyberGuard’s SIEM can provide these automatically rather than an individual having to manually compile them.

What is the difference between Managed SIEM and SOC?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) refers to the technology that actively collects and analyses aggregated security data, alerting CyberGuard’s security experts when there’s a potential threat so they can investigate and respond.

SOC (Security Operations Centre) refers to the centralised unit of on-site CyberGuard security experts, processes and technology designed to tackle potential cyber-attacks. As part of our Managed SIEM service CyberGuard uses SIEM and SOC in tandem, offering you the highest level of protection.

What is the difference between SIEM and LMI?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a tool that collates and analyses aggregated security data, using Threat Intelligence technology to actively alert CyberGuard’s security experts when there’s a potential threat so they can investigate and respond.

In contrast LMI (Log Management Interface) is designed primarily for collecting log data without any focus on security and is not a fully automated system.

How much is SIEM?

SIEM technology can be very expensive for a business to implement itself, therefore it’s beneficial to utilise a 3rd party vendor such as CyberGuard. CyberGuard offers a competitively priced Managed SIEM solution, where the price is tailored to your business’ requirements.

Factors that can influence price include the volume of security data collected, employee and device volumes and your storage requirements.


Using CyberGuard’s SIEM service has really benefited our business for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s reduced the level of stress for the IT team in their day-to-day responsibility of managing our system security. We are much more confident as a business that we have mitigated against the risk of a security breach and in turn it should help us to build brand loyalty as we can demonstrate to our customer base that their data is being stored in a very safe and secure environment.

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