Mark Slater Celebrates 30 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Mark Slater who recently celebrated 30 years at OGL.

Mark looks back on the last 30 years:

"I first joined OGL (then Oliquip) in 1992, having previously held a technical role with Apricot Computers, one of the innovative PC manufacturers of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. OGL was a much smaller organisation back then and I was interviewed by Paul Byrne, MD at their offices on Hartlebury trading estate.  The interview must have gone OK as I was offered a position as a Field Engineer.

"Initially my role involved visiting site to fix printers, monitors and PCs.  As I gathered more experience, I worked on some of the larger customer sites and began to specialise in maintaining and fault-finding issues on these sites. As my Unix skills increased, I eventually carried out deployments, upgrades and disaster recoveries on OGL software sites.

"Following a 7 year gap to pursue other paths, I re-joined OGL at the start of 2007in an R&D role putting together new product offerings to add to the OGL portfolio. The first project I worked on was to look into remote monitoring solutions. 

"During my first period with OGL I remember Adrian James who was working for the Software department at the time, giving a presentation to Technical to talk about this new thing called “The Internet”. At the time of Adrian’s presentation none of us would have guessed the impact the Internet would have on our work and personal lives.

"One of the downsides of the increased usage of the internet and email has been that it has lead to an increase in cyber attacks.  It was decided that to combat these increasing attacks a dedicated team had to be put together to tackle this. This led to launch of CyberGuard Technologies Ltd.

"My focus over the last 5 years, working for CyberGuard,  has been on cyber security and putting in place solutions to help protect both existing and new customers against cyber attacks. The CyberGuard SOC (Security Operations Centre) now offers 24/7 coverage and has been able to attract new business from sectors (e.g. Public Health) which have typically not been targeted by other divisions of the OGL Group.

"There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t learn something in my role within CyberGuard.  I know myself and the rest of the CyberGuard team have detected and stopped many cyber-attacks, and in cases where a cyber attack has taken place been able to help the targeted organisation investigate, recover and in some cases avoid millions in ransomware payments.

"I would say my biggest achievement was in my 2nd term at OGL as part of my R&D role when I had the opportunity to help steer the company to providing new products and solutions which moved us to the next level and distinguish us from our competitors. As far as impact on our customers, it would have to be my role within CyberGuard.  The impact of a successful cyber attack can be devastating and could lead to a business going under. 

Sean Tickle, Mark's manager, congratulates him on his 30 years at OGL:

“From the first time I met Mark (he was one of the interviewers who put me through my paces) I could tell that he was someone with incredible knowledge. I spent about half a day with him when we first met and I could tell he had more knowledge and insight in the industry than anyone I had ever met.

"When I actually began working with him properly I realised I’d underestimated him in my initial assessment… his ability in areas such as Incident Response, leveraging CTI data to create sophisticated Detect and Respond rules and development of in-house solutions to not only add to our service portfolio but also make the CyberGuard teams lives easier through the use of automated reporting and the ability to implement changes upon a client base wide level.

"Truly Mark is one of the most technically minded and experienced people I have had the pleasure to work with!"