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With over 60 years of compressed air experience, Motivair are the compression experts. Motivair maintain, repair, and install all brands of high & low-pressure compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, compressed air equipment and systems. With four office locations across the UK and engineers nationwide, they serve businesses in all industries, providing expert advice and quality service.

Partnered with OGL since: 2020

Company Location: Staffordshire

Company Website: www.motivair.co.uk

OGL and CyberGuard update Motivair’s IT infrastructure to boost productivity & security

The Challenge

Previously, Motivair partnered with a small independent IT support provider but they felt they had outgrown them and needed a fully managed service provider.  When they put their IT support contract out to tender, they chose OGL because of the knowledge and expertise they demonstrated. OGL’s Enterprise Solutions Architect, Steve Bennett, initially conducted a detailed IT audit and gap analysis which enabled him to create a roadmap demonstrating how the proposed solution would meet their needs and budget. Motivair commented, “OGL quickly highlighted its abilities and attention to detail when reviewing our network. Simply put, OGL asked the questions that none of the competition had asked.”

“The sales team are not pushy and are very friendly. They wanted to hear about our plans and ideas; they worked hard to understand our business and provided several routes for us to take with the onboarding process.”  This roadmap strategy is regularly updated and is still in use today.

Prior to partnering with OGL, Motivair’s infrastructure needed modernising and their cyber security measures needed to become more proactive. “The IT hardware needed some modernisation to boost overall performance across the network. Although Motivair has always had solid security practices, the cyber security threats are changing rapidly. This is why we decided it was time for a more proactive approach to help monitor potential threats more closely.”

The Solution

“We already had a plan set out of what we needed to achieve, and OGL worked with us to establish a solution that would suit the business. The OGL project team all have their own specialities and play to their strengths, with each project planned thoroughly so everyone knows their role. The what-ifs are well documented before a project is undertaken to minimise risk and downtime.”

The first step was to move Motivair away from their ageing Exchange on-premise infrastructure onto Microsoft 365.  They also added Defender for ATP to provide additional security around their Office suite and introduced Exclaimer to centralise the management of their email signatures. “Microsoft 365 allows Motivair to take a more collaborative approach to working. While we’re not fully utilising all the features right now, there is an active interest, instead of excuses, to collaborate on projects.”  The IT roadmap developed by OGL includes provision for further enhancements to expand their use of the Microsoft 365 platform including introducing SharePoint, OneDrive and additional security features.

To remove the manual processes involved in Motivair’s previous backup solution, Datto’s cloud backup solution was implemented to ensure maximum security, accessibility, and reliability.  Datto gives them added reassurance against the threat from ransomware, something that their previous backup solution didn’t offer.

Motivair explained, “The Datto backup solution has revolutionised the backup process altogether. We no longer spend time configuring complex off-site replicas of the network. This solution enables almost limitless backups of data allowing us to go back as far as we need, as well as the ability to quickly restore from an on-site backup within minutes, in the event of a critical failure.”

To further maximise security and reliability, OGL’s fully managed patch management solution was implemented to ensure workstations, servers and routers are updated, stable and secure, which reduces the time Motivair’s internal IT team spend on these update tasks thus increasing productivity on other vital IT projects. “OGL’s patch management ensures all our equipment and servers stay up-to-date and secure. We no longer spend time manually patching and working out schedules with an external support company. This is automated with OGL and done without disruption to the business.”

Helping to further ease the load off their internal IT teams and strengthen their operational performance, Motivair use OGL as their IT Support partner to provide day-to-day guidance and assistance to employees; “The most critical part of managing Motivair’s IT support is the acknowledgement of a new ticket between the end user and OGL’s support team”, “OGL’s IT support has been flawless. Calls are answered quickly and acknowledged within the first hour of a reported issue.  All calls to date have been resolved well within SLA.

“When Motivair surveyed employees on the overall quality and responsiveness of OGL’s team they were given the same rating as Motivair’s own internal support. We are now starting to see a reduction in support tickets and repeat offenders are becoming a thing of the past.”

Having experienced cyber threats first-hand in recent years, Motivair understand the reputational and financial impact that this brings. That’s why they now view cyber security as a fundamental threat and chose to work with CyberGuard, OGL’s professional managed cyber security division. Motivair have adopted a fully managed EDR solution which gives them access to CyberGuard’s SOC (Security Operations Centre) team to continually monitor any potential threats to the business.  CyberGuard also recommended VMware Carbon Black Next-Gen Anti-Virus, a proactive security solution to aid in combatting today’s cyber threats. “CyberGuard monitors our network and endpoints for threats and inform us when action needs to be taken. Instead of losing time wading through false positive alerts and informative messages, we can focus on progressing IT project work forward and improving infrastructure.”

OGL and CyberGuard improve Motivair’s performance and free up time for their internal support team

“The projects achieved so far have been well designed and cater for users at all levels of the business. More importantly the aftercare has been well thought out to ensure all scenarios have a pre-planned response.

“We regularly survey all our employees on how well the external IT support is performing and we have seen a reduction in overall lost hours of productivity. OGL is quick to respond to issues as well as keeping the users informed of any actions.  

“The improvements made to our network configuration have allowed more throughput across the network and the updated technology has enabled employees to feel more efficient and not held back by the limitations of the system’s performance.  Motivair are now one of the small percentage of SME’s utilising 10GB technology in their network.

“Moving forward, OGL’s partnership is fundamental to the day-to-day operation of the business and working with CyberGuard ensures our cyber security is strengthened across the business to protect our customers’ data at the highest level.

“We look forward to continuing the growth of the partnership between Motivair and OGL for many years ahead.”

“The most critical part of managing Motivair’s IT support is the acknowledgement of a new ticket between the end user and OGL’s support team. OGL’s IT support has been flawless. Calls are answered quickly and acknowledged within the first hour of a reported issue.  All calls to date have been resolved well within SLA.”


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