OGL becomes Patron Partner to Made in the Midlands group

We're delighted to announce OGL Computer Services Group has joined Made in the Midlands (MIM) as their latest Patron Partner. With the manufacturing sector becoming an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals, we'll be helping MIM members protect themselves from cyber-attacks and harness the power of IT.

Over 140 of the 1,200 businesses we look after are UK manufacturers, many of whom are Made in Group members - highlighting our capability to support Made members in critical areas of their business.

Many manufacturers are experiencing attacks from cyber criminals because of the disruption that can be caused by shutting down manufacturing processes – something that is becoming more and more regular. Our sister company - CyberGuard Technologies - has an enormous amount of expertise in mitigating this threat to manufacturers by utilising and deploying a whole range of tactics, techniques and procedures to defend and protect networks and systems.

Alongside heightening cyber security threats, the manufacturing industry is also feeling the pressure to digitalise their operation, a result of the pandemic. Our IT Solutions division supports manufacturers to make the shift into the digital era and take advantage of the many benefits technology can bring to their industry.

Talking about how we found out about the Made in Group, Paul Colwell, our Chief Technical Officer said:

“We’ve been aware of the Made in Group for a good number of years and had the pleasure of exhibiting at Made in the Midlands events in the past. We’ve been impressed by the way the Made in Group supports its members and wanted to be part of that. We were delighted when a MIM’s Managing Director contacted us about becoming a Patron Partner due to our reputation in the manufacturing industry.”

We believe that now is the perfect time to join MIM due to the sector experiencing significant changes in working practices. Paul added:

“We are seeing an increase in the need, and a keen interest in, adopting new technologies to support a growing mobile / remote workforce. The sector is also falling victim to regular cyber-attacks which is driving many manufacturing businesses to look at ways to strengthen their cyber security posture. Both of these require technical expertise, experience and access to industry-leading products, all of which we have in abundance.”

We are looking forward to meeting fellow members of the Made in Group at Made Events and welcome the challenge of creating bespoke IT solutions for members in the future. As for what members can expect from OGL , Paul concluded: “Members now have somewhere to turn and can look forward to gaining peace of mind that they have a fully-endorsed IT and cyber security provider at their disposal.”

View our dedicated MIM microsite: ogl.madeinthemidlands.com