OGL celebrates 60 years of combined staff service in June

It’s been a busy month for OGL in June, which sees four OGL employees celebrate a combined 60 years of service. The four members of staff are a mix from our IT Solutions and Business Software divisions.

The party started at the beginning of the month which saw Technical Account Management Manager, Lyndon Bendall, celebrate 20 years’ service. Lyndon said: “My biggest achievement at OGL has to be beating (Technical Director) Paul Colwell and (Sales Manager) Wayne Howells during the Mud Run in 2015! Professionally however, I really enjoy watching companies progress and develop under our management. I’ve always enjoyed being able to offer advice and help to our customers.”

The next employee to join the party was OSB Engineer, Tony Thompson, who celebrated 10 years’ service. Tony said: “I’ve had so many funny memories of working at OGL. I can remember having to make a choice between dropping a large laser printer I was carrying back to my car or losing my trousers. Due to the outcome, I now always wear a belt to work. Not one of my finer moments.”

Software Support Manager, Charlie Grant, celebrated 10 years of service on Monday 12 June. Charlie said: “I’m lucky to have such a great team in Software and everyone works so hard for me, so I thank them for making my job that little bit easier. I like to think I’ve had a lot of achievements at OGL so it’s difficult to be specific, but I was really touched to receive the Leadership Progression Award at the recent Dinner & Dance ceremony. It may not mean a lot to some people but for me it meant a lot and shows how far I have come.”

Last, but not least, Justin Lloyd joined the OGL Long Service Club having celebrated his 20 years’ anniversary this week. Justin commented: “I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in several roles within the Software department during my time at OGL. Moving around the company is what I love most about working at OGL. The opportunity to try different roles within the company has been great.”

Congratulations to all our long service staff and a big thank you for their continued commitment!