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  • A range of IT platforms to suit your business

    By installing and running applications on hardware located within the premises of your business, staff will be able to have physical access to your data and can directly control the configuration, management and security of your IT infrastructure. Ultimately, this allows you to take ownership and responsibility of your own IT environment. Alternatively, we can offer a hybrid platform to offer a mix of both on-premise and cloud computing solutions to suit your organisational needs.

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    An on-premise or hybrid solution?

    Every business is different, find out the right on-premise or hybrid solution to fit your business

  • “Because of the excellent professionalism of OGL personnel we have been able to ‘learn as we go’ about the new systems during implementation. Their staff took care to spend time with us explaining and educating our internal IT resource which has been invaluable.”

    Joseph Ash

    Read the full Success Story here
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    IT Solutions Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve significantly improved our many, happy customers.

  • An on-premise or hybrid solution to suit your needs

    Having been in business for over 40 years, it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. Our guide highlights how we can help improve your IT infrastructure by implementing a quality on-premise or hybrid solution…

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    Why invest in an on-premise or hybrid solution?

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      Perfect for highly regulated industries
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      Responsible for your own security
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      Cost-effective solutions
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      The best of both on-premise and cloud solutions
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      Retain full control of your data
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    Why use an IT Managed Service Provider?

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