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Peace of mind on-site backup solutions

In some situations, cloud-based backup solutions aren’t suitable, or, in some cases, businesses express a desire to keep all their data on-site. In that case we can offer on-site hardware to ensure you have a failsafe backup in place to make your data quickly and easily recoverable if the worst does happen.

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    Multiple on-site backup options
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    Your data safely backed up at your location
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    Hourly backups
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    Fast recovery times
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Data, whether employee, customer, financial or prospect data, is vital to the successful operation of any business. We all know it needs to be backed up, but the scale and complexity of the data and applications we use every day can make this a daunting task. However, without a robust strategy in place, if you do suffer a major disaster, or a significant system failure, not having reliable and accessible backups in place could result in irrecoverable damage to your business.

A recent survey highlighted that 75% of downtime is reported to be due to a power outage. Hardware failure and human error make up the top three. So, even if you’re not worried about protecting your business from a natural disaster, you still need to make sure your business is prepared.

We can offer multiple on-site backup solutions to suit your business needs…

Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses

Built on secure, robust technology, our on-site backup solutions can deliver a reliable, proven and scalable service that’s perfect for small and mid-sized businesses looking for a solution to their business continuity and disaster recovery concerns.

We can install a small appliance that’s located at your premises and your data is backed up to the local device every hour during working hours.

This solution is ideal for customers that need fast recovery and higher performance in the event of a disaster, as we can power up your backup from your local device which will normally enable us to get you back up and running within 1 hour.

Still confused?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.  a professional IT partner that’s been in the industry for over 40 years, we can review your current strategy and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help highlight which DR & Backup solution is right for your business. 

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“The most critical aspect of our IT is the backup of our server data and our SQL database which is all supported by OGL. This is essential for our business. Our historical data is also our reference point for providing intelligent aftersales to customers, so it’s imperative that all our data is backed up and supported.” 

Lanemark Combustion Engineering

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Cloud Recovery or on-site backup?

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