Onsite Data Storage

Secure, reliable, flexible data

storage for your business

Not ready to store your data in the cloud? Store securely onsite

You need the utmost assurance that your data is safe and secure.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems from OGL are situated on your network providing pooled storage to all your users. The NAS system will auto-backup your data and also servers, virtual machines and applications. Everyone stays backed up and in sync when connected to the network.

Our experienced consultants will discuss what data you need to store, what access you will need to that data as well as recommend the most appropriate hardware devices, network configuration as well as your options for managing data onsite or in the cloud. We will also consider how your backup and storage solution aligns to your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans as well as ensure you can meet the most stringent regulations on data security.

Contact us and find out how to make sure your data is secure

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