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The OGL Group has offices in London & the Midlands from which our teams operate remotely.

Keeping your servers, operating systems, workstations and routers updated, stable and secure is becoming a more critical part of IT support, even more so, with the ever-increasing risk of security vulnerabilities being exploited on a regular basis.

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What is Patch Management & why is it beneficial?

Patch Management is a fully managed service where we can remotely update your devices - keeping them updated, stable and secure.

Patch Management is critical to your business' success because:

  • Patches can address specific bugs or flaws in a product
  • Patches can improve performance or stability
  • Patches can fix a security vulnerability

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How does Patch Management improve security?

This is the main reason why businesses are using a patch management service and it’s critical for not only highlighting, but fixing, vulnerabilities.

With cyber-attacks appearing more frequently in the news, it’s imperative businesses keep their devices updated to help stop hackers exploiting security weaknesses. In fact, with your devices patched you are less likely to be affected by a cyber-attack as around 70% of cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities. A patched server or PC is less susceptible to malware and other viruses, it’s that simple!

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How does Patch Management improve productivity?

Having a service that updates your devices, regularly and proactively, keeps your infrastructure consistent as patches can include performance improvements and fix errors which are frequently causing your systems to crash or run slow. Working on the latest patch will help reduce persistent poor performance and, having updates that run out of hours leaves employees free to work without the hassle of downtime.

A fully managed Patch Management service can also free up the pressure of your Internal IT and give you peace of mind that your devices are running the correct and updated patches.

When not managed correctly however, update services can stop, fail and be overridden by end users. The best and secure way to handle patch management is through a controlled and dedicated service.

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Why choose OGL?

  • Over 45 years in the industry
  • A fully managed Patch Management service
  • A team of experienced Patching Engineers at your disposal
  • Patching is available on a monthly or fortnightly basis
  • Cost-effective solutions, tailored to your needs
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier
  • London & Midlands offices

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Frequently asked questions

What is Patch Management?

Patch Management refers to the process of applying updates (patches) to your operating systems, network equipment, software products, and applications.

These patches essentially fix any vulnerabilities or errors that have been discovered post release.

What are the benefits of Patch Management?

By ensuring you have a robust Patch Management process in place you can combat any vulnerabilities within your software or infrastructure that could be exploited by cyber criminals, subsequently improving your cyber security and ensuring you meet any compliance standards within your industry.

In addition to improved security, regular patching can also ensure that your software is working at its optimum performance. This ensures that your business continues to operate productively and efficiently.

What is the Patch Management process?

To ensure minimum disruption you will need a robust Patch Management process in place. OGL’s team of Patching Engineers will devise a Patch Management process that initially creates an inventory of your environment, identifying everything within your network. They will then categorise your environment according to risk and priority.

The implementation of new patches will then be checked within a test environment to identify their impact. A backup of the live environment will be created if necessary and then when ready the new patches will be applied to the live environment in order of priority and out of hours to minimise disruption. Your environment will then be reassessed to ensure the Patch application was successful.

OGL’s Patching Engineers will then monitor your vendor’s patch release schedules and models to identify future patch requirements.

How do you know if our environment requires patching?

As part of our Patch Management process OGL Patching Engineers will make an inventory of your environment and identify your patching requirements. Once all current patches are tested and applied, we will then monitor your vendors for new patches released, proactively combating any potential vulnerabilities and ensuring your systems are using the latest features.

How often are new patches released?

Vendors will regularly release patches to combat potential cyber-attacks, to fix bugs and to introduce new features.

As an example, Microsoft releases patches on the second Tuesday of every month, something that’s colloquially known as “Patch Tuesday”. In addition to this they will also release patches outside of this patching cycle if they’re a critical security update.

What are the 3 types of Patch Management?

The three most common types of patches within Patch Management are security patches, bug fixes and feature updates.

Security patches are business critical and proactively combat any vulnerabilities within your infrastructure that could be exploited by hackers.

Bug-fixing patches are designed to fix any errors or bugs that have been discovered within an application following regular use by users. By implementing these patches, you will ensure your business remains productive and efficient - with your staff not having to spend time troubleshooting or creating workarounds.

Software vendors are regularly working to ensure their products are best on the market, therefore they often introduce feature patches. These patches introduce new features to improve performance, by ensuring you’ve implemented feature patches you can ensure your team is working as efficiently as possible and taking advantage of the latest advances in software.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Patch Management?

There are various benefits to outsourcing your Patch Management to OGL’s team of Patching Engineers. With so many patches released by vendors each year it can be tricky to keep up-to-date, even if you have an in-house IT team. Our Patching Engineers will proactively identify and implement patches when they’re released, ensuring your business isn’t left vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Our Patching Engineers will also use their expertise to thoroughly test new patches within a test environment to identify their impact on the wider infrastructure and to limit any disruption to the business.

What is the difference between Patch Management & Vulnerability Management?

Patch Management and Vulnerability Management are often grouped together and intersect but they have distinct differences.

Patch Management refers to the process of updating operating systems, network equipment, software products, and applications with patches released by vendors. The purpose of Patch Management is to identify, categorise, prioritise, test and implement missing patches.

Vulnerability Management on the other hand is a broader term and describes a set of processes designed to secure a business’s network, these processes include discovering, investigating, and responding to potential vulnerabilities.


OGL’s Patch Management solution ensures that our software is up-to-date so that we never have any problems; offering us peace of mind. We also have a daily report from OGL which identifies any issues, which constantly keeps us in the knowledge of any potential problems.

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