Penetration Testing

Let us exploit your weaknesses

so cyber-criminals can't

  • Simulate a cyber attack without the malicious intent
  • Let us highlight your security flaws
  • Find out how your staff will react to a live attack

Who would you rather find a security weakness: us or a cyber-criminal?

Our experts will attempt to penetrate your network by safely exploiting any vulnerabilities found. Our Penetration Testers will utilise the same techniques and tools a real hacker would use, but of course without the malicious intent.

These tests can be performed either with partial internal access (grey) or from an external location to replicate a real hack (black box). Our report will provide a very clear picture of the status of your infrastructure and will offer the opportunity to build the strongest of defences for your company.

Once tested, our Penetration Report will identify deviations from best practice and set out recommendations for action.

We will then present your Penetration Report to you alongside a clear explanation of the risks, comprehensive remedial advice and a set of recommendations.

In order to gain a real understanding of the risks you face, and how to tackle them, we offer two further types of security testing:

Wireless Testing

Vulnerability Testing

Cyber Accredited

So you know that you're in safe hands, we have a number of cyber accreditations to offer you peace of mind that your businesses security is being testing ethically and securely. We're proud to be a member of Tigerscheme, which is a commercial certification for technical security specialists backed by University standards, and approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This certification gives our customers, looking for security services, confidence that they are working with a recognised and reputable company.

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