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Plumbing & Heating Business Management Software  

Full control and visibility of your stock and sales orders, as Plumbing Merchants, is key to the success of your business, allowing you to deliver the quality service that keeps your customers coming back. Stay ahead of the competition with OGL Software, the ERP solution to transform the way you operate.  

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    Visibility of up-sell & cross-sell opportunities
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    Integrated eCommerce to increase routes to market
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    Quick and efficient stock searching
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    Easily import supplier stock & pricing information
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    Trade counter module to enhance customer service

ERP Software for Plumbing & Heating merchants and distributors

Invest in a system that is built to help you increase sales and support you as you grow. Our software gives merchants, wholesalers & distributors the tools they need to make improvements, discover new opportunities and ultimately buy better and sell smarter. OGL Software is the perfect Plumbing & Heating software solution, enabling you to easily manage your trade counter, eCommerce channels, back office and stock to ensure you’re operating at optimum efficiency.

OGL Software connects all your business processes into one central system, allowing you to be in control of your success. Streamlining your order process, from initial enquiry to dispatching of goods, will remove the manual processes that have been holding you back.

From bulk imports of supplier pricing to hand-held scanners in your warehouse, automatic creation of purchase orders based on pre-set stock levels and complex pricing structure functionality, our software is the complete inventory management solution that helps your business to be the best version of itself. With your stock in control, your sales team have the confidence that they can deliver on their promises and offer quality customer service at your trade counter, over the phone and even in your eCommerce store.

Our software is used by many members of the following Plumbing & Heating buying groups and associations:

  • PHG
  • H&B
  • IPG
  • IBC

Drive your business forward with OGL Software 

“We live or die by how good our Warehouse Management System is and prof.ITplus is an excellent warehouse package. It’s so simple to understand too, you can train anyone on it – there’s no downtime.” 

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Your complete ERP solution

OGL Software, a scalable business software solution that connects and optimises all areas of your business to help you buy better and sell smarter.