Proactive On-Site IT Support

Proactive management of all your IT needs

Allowing us to take responsibility for all your IT tasks lets you get on with your day-to-day job, not having to worry about poorly performing equipment or general IT and maintenance work to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

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    Cost-effective solution to your IT headache
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    Worry-free & hassle-free IT health checks
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    Proactive support from IT experts
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    Minimise the risk of downtime
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    Management of agreed IT tasks

Modern businesses need a way of supporting their IT equipment and users because, unfortunately, it’s inevitable that issues will arise that will need focus and attention so they can continue to work.

The ongoing growth of workplace technology is only set to place further demands on your IT resources and we’re confident that our On-Site IT Support is considerably less expensive than the cost of employing your own dedicated resource.

IT is what we’re good at. Focus on what you’re good at…

What is your core function as a business? Is it delivering excellent recruitment services? Manufacturing high quality goods? Or offering first class legal advice? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be world-class IT Administration. So why try to do it yourself? You would ask a Solicitor to help you with a legal case or ask a building firm to undertake renovation work, so why not use a trusted IT Managed Service Provider to manage your IT Administration? Don’t let IT admin get in the way, causing downtime or even compromising your high standards as a business.

The more involved you are with managing your IT admin, the less time you have to apply to your own business, which can only have a detrimental effect.

IT Health Check

Our proactive On-Site IT Support can take away all of the hassle and ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently on your behalf. We can perform scheduled health checks on your servers and other hardware to reduce the potential for breakdown.

Our health checks will look at server performance / capacity, operating systems, any event logs or errors that need checking / clearing, check firmware, security settings and user permissions, and can ensure backups are running smoothly to offer you peace of mind.

This is also used to carry out ad hoc IT tasks such as staff moves, password audits and checking new equipment is set up correctly, and can be tailored to your own requirements. Essentially, we can provide you with an expert pair of hands at your site.

And what’s more, because of our accreditations with world-leading IT brands, we’re always amongst the first in the know when it comes to updates, patches and fixes.

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