Manage your entire business in Profit4

Profit4 connects all your back-end operations from processing sales orders to purchasing stock, balancing the books, closing deals and reporting on performance. We provide businesses with the digital tools they need to stay competitive and increase profitability. Profit4 empowers your teams and streamlines all business functions so you can make smarter decisions across the company to drive success. 

Software that works on every level

Profit4 Multi-channel management software

Multi-channel sales management so you stay competitive 

No matter the channel, your customer will experience the same seamless shopping experience. From your bricks and mortar store to your sales office, external reps, your eCommerce store and online marketplaces, your pricing, customer and product details and stock levels are integrated with Profit4 for hassle-free management and complete control.

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Secure new business and build great relationships

Sales teams are equipped with the visibility of opportunities and tasks that enable them to secure more deals at better profit margins. The fully integrated Profit4 CRM holds all customer information and history, which means quoting, following up and closing the deal is easier than ever. Continue to build a strong relationship after the initial acquisition to increase the lifetime value of the customer with enhanced and personalised customer service. 

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Profit4 fully integrated CRM
Profit4 stock control and management software

Automate & streamline stock and order processes to improve profitability 

Remove the manual processes that are costing you valuable resource and affecting your growth. Automate purchasing, speed up the picking, packing and shipping process and integrate your finances, all to become more efficient so you can stay competitive.

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Make smart decisions and achieve great results

Manage your business from one single platform. Profit4 provides you with real-time, accurate data to inform decisions that grow businesses. Personalised workspaces and dashboards mean you can focus on the information that matters and ensure you and your team stay on track to meet target and KPI's. 

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Profit4 business management software dashboard

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Industry specific software solutions

Profit4, tailored to your industry 

Profit4 provides business and stock management solutions to wholesalers, merchants, and distributors in a large variety of industries. Our software experts understand the common, but also niche, pain points of your industry and we’ve created solutions that drive your business to be its best.

“I’d be the first person to recommend Profit4 to people looking for an ERP system. For any type of business that’s buying and selling it’s perfect. We like the interface, we like the feel, we like the people, and we like the support, what is there not to like?!”

TBS Oxford

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