How do you protect yourself from cyber-criminals?

Cybercrime is on the increase, and it’s thought to have cost the UK an estimated £27 billion to recover from it. Implementing cybercrime protection is crucial for the longevity of any business, as it adds that extra layer of protection.  

It was once said “Testing leads to failure, failure leads to understanding and only in understanding can we move forward”. This quote has never been more apt in the world of cyber security. - especially when it comes to protecting yourself against cybercrime.

Cybercrime protection for your business

With cyber-attacks happening daily, it’s imperative that your business has a proactive strategy in place to deal with cyber threats, making it paramount to understand your security weaknesses.  But why is it important to test your cybersecurity strategy? Think about it – if you’re penetration testing and you  find some vulnerabilities, you can repair them, and this means a cybercriminal isn’t going to find it. It’s common sense, who would you rather find a potential vulnerability? Yourself or a cyber-attacker.

How to test your cyber security

There are several ways in which you can test your cyber security and protect yourself against cybercrime...

Vulnerability testing

In essence, vulnerability testing is where you test your “security” waters and is the first step in understanding what an attacker or employee can pose to your network or data. 

Penetration testing 

Penetration testing is an attempt to safely penetrate or “hack” your network, highlighting vulnerabilities in your security. 

Wireless testing

Wireless testing is an on-site evaluation of your security procedures, from passwords to checks on wireless access points to examine their resilience to attackers.

Why is testing your cyber security so important?

  • Real experience – find out how your staff will react to a live attack 
  • Uncover aspects of your security policy flaws 
  • Provide feedback on the most at-risk routes into your company 
  • Reports can be used to help train developers to make fewer mistakes

How do you protect yourself from cybercrime?

CyberGuard Technologies has several security experts that understand how easy it is to exploit your IT infrastructure and are ready to highlight the ways of entry into your business. 

Through industry-leading scanning technology they can detect emerging threats before they seriously threaten your company and through their security testing process, will work with you in understanding how threats can be stopped in the future. 

No system is perfect and while using the same methods as a cyber-hacker, CyberGuard’s testing reports will offer a detailed synopsis of the best practice and recommendations for actions going forward.  

CyberGuard offers all three testing options; vulnerability, penetration and wireless testing, and are happy to help you understand your security weaknesses. For more information on CyberGuard’s security testing visit:

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