Purchase Order Processing

Full integration with stock

management and sales processes

  • Prevent leakage from your purchasing processes
  • Achieve best value purchasing for your business
  • Provide unbeatable service for your customers
  • Fully integrated with all other business processes
  • Remove guess-work from your purchasing
  • Take control and manage your cash flow effectively

Purchase Order Management - Optimum purchasing processes for your business

Our Purchase Order Management module can automatically generate shopping lists to meet demands and replenish stock, to then be approved for purchase. Your customer service need never suffer again due to long-winded, repetitive processes that delay your customers receiving their orders. Customer Relationship Management has never been easier! 

Maintain stock levels with a Purchase Order Management System 

Purchasing takes skill but even the best staff struggle without the power of software automation. Issues such as over-stocking, impulse purchasing, habitual purchasing, over-reliance on one supplier, a lack of planning and not taking advantage of economies of scale all have a detrimental effect on cash flow, efficiency and profitability.If your purchasing is uncontrolled, your business is likely to be leaking significant amounts of money - stock control management is crucial for any business.

Our system intelligently draws together all elements at play ensuring efficient stock levels. prof.ITplus will look at customer orders, works orders, current stock, pre-set minimum / maximum stock levels, seasonal trends and sales forecasts to compile purchase orders. What’s more the ordered quantities will be broken down into numbers for stock, customer orders or works orders. Perfect for efficient handling when the order is delivered – no more misallocated stock.

Select your supplier based on best-price

Once your purchase order has been compiled and approved, the system will allow you to send it to multiple suppliers with the ability to record the responses before deciding where to place the order for best value. Imagine the savings possible by ensuring you get best value every time. The system will also prompt users to ensure minimum order values and carriage-paid thresholds are met.

Supplier price negotiation

View all orders placed with any of your suppliers. Accurate details of supplier / product spend provides you with the ammunition for improved negotiation powers with your suppliers. Another way prof.ITplus drives through best value for your business.

Our Purchase Order Management Module will save you money

Get in touch with one of our prof.ITplus consultants to see how you can achieve full control over your purchasing to save you time and money. 

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