Benefits for company and employees

  • Connect your workforce, no matter their location
  • Build a modern, flexible work environment
  • Reduce amount of office space required by enabling working from other locations
  • Ensure field-based staff can work with maximum productivity

Over the last decade or so remote working has gained popularity in the UK

Researchers state that it creates a dynamic and empowered workforce who, in turn, are more productive. The government’s recent flexible working directive is likely to further increase the number of remote workers in the coming years.

However, not all companies are set up for secure and effective remote working; those that aren’t leave themselves open to risks such as loss of productivity, data loss and security breaches.

OGL has a number of technologies at its disposal that can be deployed to allow secure, reliable access to emails, applications, files and even your whole desktop from anywhere – simply using an internet-enabled device and a good internet connection.

Affordable solutions that are right for you

Enable remote working for a modern, flexible organisation

OGL can design an infrastructure for you which enables remote working at a level which is right for your business.

Ensuring information is readily accessible to enable teams to collaborate and share content when they need to, requires far more than the traditional tools of email and telephone.

A range of options for all budgets and business types

At OGL we like to gain a proper understanding of the make-up of your business and its workforce. We like to spend time with you at your business seeing how things tick. Only then can our IT Consultants be sure they are designing the best IT solution for your needs.

To achieve remote working we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Hosted Desktops versus a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and recommend the options that will best suit your requirements and preferences.

Some smaller companies may even find that Microsoft’s Office 365 package will give them all the functionality they need to work remotely. Again, once we have a full understanding of your needs, we’ll advise you accordingly of the most cost effective solution.

Contact us and find out how remote working can help benefit your business

Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft incorporates Outlook, Microsoft’s cloud-based email solution, as well as a whole host of other workplace tools.

Hosted Desktops

Gain the freedom to access your desktop and all its applications wherever there’s an internet connection. You'll no longer be tied to the office so you can offer your staff greater flexibility and in return they can work in a more productive manner.


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