Sales & Company Reporting

A company-wide Reporting Tool to drive your business forward 

The prof.ITplus Sales & Company Reporting Tools provide you with invaluable company performance data that will give you complete visibility and control of your company, helping you stay competitive in the wholesale and distribution industry.  

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    Accurate, company-wide data
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    Automate sales analysis reports
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    Instantly identify areas for improvement
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    Increase revenue with visibility of sales opportunities
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    Make better business decisions

Effectively strategise and manage your company with the prof.ITplus Reporting Tools

prof.ITplus provides you with the accurate data and reports you need to make the strategic decisions to drive your business forward. Increase your profits and maximise your sales efforts with full visibility of your business's performance.

Using a combination of comprehensive reports and dashboard visuals, the prof.ITplus Sales & Company reporting software gives you a 360 degree view of your company.

  • Detailed, accurate reports include:
  • Live sales performance dashboard
  • Delivery performance (OTIF analysis)
  • Employee activity
  • KPI reporting
  • Orders generated stats
  • Order value comparison
  • Stock turn analysis
  • Financial reports including aged debt
  • Purchasing spend data
  • Returns reasoning

It's easy to make effective business decisions, motivate staff and maximise marketing and sales efforts with endless performance data. Set targets, make improvements and watch your business succeed with complete visibility and control of your strategy.

SalesVision, the tool for sales reps on the road

The prof.ITplus SalesVision web application also gives you and your sales team access to invaluable customer and sales data when they’re on the road. Your team can make timely decisions with access to sales data and customer trends on-demand.

Powerful Sales Analysis Software that gives you full control

See our Business Intelligence Tools in action. Speak to one of our software experts to see the benefits of prof.ITplus on your sales performance.

“What attracted us most was the visibility prof.ITplus could provide about our customers’ behaviours and buying patterns. We were excited that we’d have the tools to uncover new sales leads amongst our existing client-base.” 

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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, warehouse management, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system to you can drive your business forward.