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Cyber Security: “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” 

SDI Displays are constantly looking at new ways to improve their business and they understand that modern-day businesses need to invest in cyber security in order to survive the serious cyber threats that companies now face.

Having been a customer of OGL for nearly a decade they’ve been benefitting from proactive IT Support and Office 365. However, SDI Displays’ Managing Director was keen to take their cyber security to the next level. He said: “It is believed that SMEs are a prime target for cyber-attacks as they are perceived as easy targets by the cyber-criminals, believing they have weaker IT systems in place. But, in truth any size of business can be targeted, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Any business that thinks cyber-crime won’t affect them is burying their head in the sand.

“As a business we rely more and more on IT for communication with our customers and suppliers, protecting our entire supply chain as well as ensuring we remain fully operational at all times. It has become ever more important to protect our data and IT systems, to allow our business to function efficiently. With the wider and more common threat of cyber-attacks and ransom requests, it soon became apparent that we needed something more secure and proactive, rather than being reactive.”

SDI Displays’ Managing Director continued: “Previously we used Kaspersky’s anti-virus, and although it’s a good system, it didn’t stop employees downloading and installing software that could be harmful and has the potential to compromise our business.

“Originally, we were unsure of what cyber security products were best in the market, so we worked with our IT partner, OGL, to look at our IT security concerns. They recommended their Cyber Security division, CyberGuard Technologies, who listened to our issues and recommended their next-generation anti-virus product, Carbon Black Defense.

“This immediately solved our cyber security concerns, as we were now made aware of malicious content being sent to us, which was proactivity monitored. Employees could no longer download or install any malicious content without us knowing about it and Carbon Black blocking it. Having this visibility is great, and since the system has been in place, we’ve had no downtime when it comes to cyber security concerns.

“Working with CyberGuard has been easy as they quickly understood our business issues. It’s helped further since our IT solutions are provided by OGL too. Having it all under one roof is really useful as communication is seamless and they are very reactive to any situation. Plus, any updates or amendments do not need authorising by a second source or business.

“We’ve recently had a virtual recovery solution installed that backs up our data if there was ever a disaster. We have yet to use it, but knowing it’s there is important to us as part of our business continuity / recovery plan. We know that if we lose our server for whatever reason, we can be back up and running within 24 hours, which offers us great peace of mind.

“We also benefit from using Office 365 and now we no longer rely on server-based emails. This means if we have access to the internet, our emails are easily accessible, whether that’s in the office, on the road or at home. This makes a much better working environment for our commercial team.”

SDI Displays’ Managing Director concluded: “We believe working with CyberGuard and OGL will continue to help our business develop and stay safe, as technology reaches further into our business operations and infrastructure. I would highly recommend them; their products and business support work extremely well for our business. There is no reason why it wouldn’t benefit other companies too.”

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