Security Posture Assessment

Your first step in tackling cyber-crime

CyberGuard will carry out a series of tests and assessments and provide a detailed report of all our findings including identifying any high-level risks. The report with enable you to understand your current security posture and include recommendations on how you can improve your security and minimise any potential threats. During the on-site assessment you will also have the opportunity to ask our Cyber Security Consultant any questions you may have regarding your IT security.

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    The perfect start to your cyber security journey
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    Evaluation of your IT infrastructure
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    Pinpoint your security weaknesses
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    Easy to understand risk assessment reports
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    CREST and Tigerscheme accredited

Why do I need a Cyber Security Posture Check?

The world of cyber security is constantly changing as new vulnerabilities are found, and new attack methods are created to exploit these. In addition, every time you add new hardware, new users or change the configuration of your network, you add new risks to protecting your data.

Just as you would with your Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plan, it is highly recommended that you continually test your security posture to make sure that holes are identified and fixed, before cyber criminals have a chance to exploit them.

Following the assessment, we will provide a report on our findings and give full remediation recommendations. Testing on a regular basis will ensure that your IT systems and company information remain secure.

Cyber Accredited

Whenever you’re looking for a cyber security partner to perform your security testing, always make sure that you’re working alongside a fully cyber accredited body. This will highlight that the organisation testing your business is using ethical and secure methods which will offer you peace of mind. CyberGuard has been awarded both CREST and Tigerscheme certifications.


CREST is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised accreditation body within the cyber security industry. It provides evidence that our security professionals demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence. It also offers evidence from an independent, verifiable third-party assessment that CyberGuard provides the highest standard of cyber security services and work to the pinnacle of professional ethics.

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“The vulnerability assessment allowed us to see which areas of our security needed improvement and, whilst there weren’t any specific “alarm bells”, CyberGuard did identify a few areas for improvement.”


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