Server Refresh

HPE's Gen10 Servers:

  • Optimised for every workload, ready to scale, and built for agility and speed
  • Flexible storage for any business need
  • Provides industry leading protection against malware
  • An unforgettable amount of memory
  • Improves performance with "Intelligent System Tuning"
  • Quick & simple server deployment with automated provisioning
  • The industry's most trusted computer platform

Is it time to refresh your server?

We all get old and we know, with age comes complications. Unlike a fine glass of wine, unfortunately, your servers won't get better with age, and the simple question you need to ask yourself is: What would be the impact if your servers went offline today? Could your business survive if the core of your IT infrastructure simply stops? If you've had your servers for a number of years, it's inevitable that you'll start to see a decrease in server productivity and ultimately this will create gaps in your IT security making your whole business vulnerable to security threats.

Tighten your security...

With aging servers, cyber-threats are a real concern. The longer you rely on an old server, the more at risk you become. It's only a matter of time. Cyber-attacks can cause a significant loss of revenue for any organisation through data loss, high value ransom demands or fines due to breaches in regulations. Most businesses won't survive.

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) has been aware of the increasing threat and has taken steps within their Gen9 servers to counter this. Their new Gen10 products have significant improvements and provide industry leading protection against malware to help maintain business continuity, protect reputation and ensure regulatory compliance.

HPE’s Gen10 servers provide industry leading firmware protection, allowing it to be the world’s most secure industry standard servers.

Still not convinced? The video below explains in more detail...

Don't stress, refresh...

Having been in business for over 40 years, OGL has managed to build up a number of world-renowned IT partners. We are proud to share a unique relationship with HPE, spanning over 20 years. This special partnership allows us to be in a privileged position to have access to exclusive HP resources that enables us to provide an enhanced support service to our customers. This means we can offer you award-winning products with high quality service.

Over the years we've realised that not every business is the same and not one product can solve everyone's problems. We make it our mission to listen to businesses and to understand their IT concerns, so we can offer IT solutions to help solve their problems. If you think it's time to refresh your server, then we can offer a range of data storage and sharing solutions and have a number of different HPE server options that can suit your business needs.

If you are interested in finding out more ways we can help improve your business, then you can get in touch with us by clicking below. In the meantime, take a tour around one of our most popular servers, the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10...


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