A streamlined infrastructure

Virtualisation reduces hardware costs, improves efficiency, and reduces both energy and maintenance costs.

By taking advantage of server virtualisation, you can reduce both your expenditure and the number of physical servers required for your business.

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    Save on IT hardware costs
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    Environmentally friendly
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    Increase performance
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    Improve efficiency
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Server Virtualisation offers a number of benefits

Reduced hardware requirements

Server Virtualisation utilises what is known as a Hypervisor (typically Microsoft HyperV or VMware ESXi) as a software layer between the physical hardware and your VMs.

The VMs run independently from the physical hardware so can be configured and provisioned as required.

Additional high availability features are available as VMs can move automatically between physical servers (subject to configuration / licensing purchased) so that in the event of hardware failure, business systems remain available.

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Simpler management

Centralised VM Management is another key benefit of adopting a virtualisation technology. Servers can be managed, powered on or off and updated as required through the centralised portal.

The reduced hardware requirement means physical maintenance is also simplified.

In addition to the simplified physical hardware maintenance, virtualisation technology allows for easier IT administration tasks, troubleshooting and support.

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Easily scalable

Centralised provisioning of resources allows your support team to adjust the specification of any VM in line with requirements.

It is possible to overprovision virtual resource, allowing you to utilise a much larger percentage of the physical resource available compared to a traditional one server per physical device approach.

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Why choose OGL?

When choosing an IT partner it’s important they understand your industry.

OGL is recognised as a market leader in offering server virtualisation and has been awarded the Professional Service Provider and the Professional Solutions Provider status from VMware.

We have been recognised as delivering cutting-edge server virtualisation technology using VMware technology demonstrating high levels of expertise.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Cloud environments in Virtualisation?

Cloud providers (such as Microsoft with Azure) and OGL with its private cloud solutions leverage the benefits of virtualisation.

When you create a server in a cloud environment you are not utilising a physical server but a VM. The VM can run on any one of thousands of physical host servers and will move transparently between hosts as required to ensure maximum uptime.

The concept of virtualisation is a fundamental part of how cloud services function.


We wanted to move to a fully virtualised environment running the latest available operating systems.

With limited internal understanding of virtualisation, we required the successful bidder to have extensive knowledge of this as well as being prepared to share this knowledge with us during the implementation process, which OGL did.

Joseph Ash

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