The Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Azure: A flexible

way to store your data

Benefits of The Microsoft Cloud:

  • Flexible payment options - pay-as-you-go solutions
  • No hardware costs
  • Can be deployed anywhere
  • Infinite storage space

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an alternative cloud services option to the OGL Cloud. It's a cloud platform that enables your business to build, deploy and manage applications and services on a consumption basis, rather than one fixed monthly payment.

It offers businesses a secure platform that delivers mass benefits for organisations looking to host their IT in the cloud with limitless storage space.

Flexible Payments

With so much choice when it comes to cloud providers, more often than not IT budgets dictate what provider your business chooses. This is why Azure is so attractive to companies of all sizes as there's no upfront cost and you pay for only what you use, offering organisations flexible pricing options for all your cloud scenarios.

Additionally, the cloud environment also allows businesses to launch their applications in the cloud, which saves on infrastructure costs while reducing the hardware and maintenance burdens on your business. 

Is Microsoft Azure the right fit for my business?

One of the key benefits with Microsoft Azure is how flexible the cloud platform is.

We understand that not every business wants a fixed bill every month, particularly, if your organisation can predict when you'll be using the cloud more than other periods. Why pay a standard fee for a month if you know your business will hardly use the platform during that period? For example: Schools can easily predict they will be quiet during July - August and the same can be said for certain warehouse's that can predict high activity in the run-up to Christmas. Allowing you to pay for your correct usage can save your business money.

Azure could also benefit your business if you're experiencing rapid growth, or you're a new start-up looking to take-off, as it is fully scalable, with large amounts of storage space. It can keep up with your demands and there's no need for extra hardware costs.

How OGL can help...

OGL is a tier-1 Gold Microsoft partner which gives us priority access to Microsoft’s own Support Teams for fast and efficient resolution to any issues. We also have direct relationships with Microsoft’s technical teams and training programs to ensure that our own engineers are up-to-date on the latest Microsoft technologies.

OGL has many customers already benefitting from the flexibility of hosting their data and applications in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Many of whom are attracted to the variable, pay-as-you-consume model.

However, we understand that some customers prefer to have a fixed monthly fee to help them manage their IT budgets or they operate within a highly regulated industry which requires their data to be hosted in the UK; in those instances we can host your data and applications in our own UK data centre

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