The OGL Cloud

UK-based, state-of-the-art data centre technology

We have made a significant investment in our very own cloud platform so we can provide the highest grade of cloud products and services including off-site backup and cloud infrastructure solutions (private and public).

Using OGL’s data centre gives you a fully managed service, as we can manage, maintain, protect and patch your applications and data.

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    State-of-the-art data centre that offers the highest level of security
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    A fully managed service
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    Peace of mind your equipment is in the correct environment
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    Private and public cloud options
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    Cost effective solutions

Secure, protected and reliable

The OGL Cloud is our very own highly advanced and secure platform that delivers incredible benefits for businesses looking to host their IT in the cloud.

By hosting your data and applications in our data centre you will have peace of mind that your critical data and services are in a safe and secure location which is highly available to you.

Our data centre is located in close proximity to our Worcestershire offices and is backed up to a twin site in Birmingham.

State-of-the-art data centre offering the highest levels of security and high availability

Our data centre houses a complex array of servers, storage devices, monitoring systems and cables. It also has the latest equipment in place to keep the hardware protected including cooling systems, fire prevention, and power distribution systems. The building itself has CCTV coverage (all of which is monitored, digitally recorded and retained for up to 90 days), 24/7 security team on patrol at all times, building entry only by pre-arranged formal process and anti-tailgating mantrap security doors. Giving you added confidence that your data is safe and secure so you can experience the benefits of cloud computing.

Private or public infrastructure cloud solutions

We are seeing more of our customers benefit from private infrastructure cloud solutions allowing businesses to host their own fundamental components required for managing their IT environment within our data centre.

Our fully managed business cloud service can help you realise a quick return on your investment both in terms of reducing the demands on your IT resources and staff, as well as reducing your costs associated with power consumption and hardware replacement costs. 

For businesses that are interested in a public cloud solution, we can host single applications (such as email, CRM, data files etc.), and our off-site backup service, powered by Veeam, offers a trusted and reliable backup solution.

By commissioning cloud services from OGL you also benefit from reduced capital expenditure as our cloud services are available on a pay-per-user-per-month basis offering a flexible and scalable solution.

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"I was very pleased to be offered the chance to visit OGL’s data centre and see for myself exactly where our infrastructure would be hosted. It was exactly as OGL described; very high-tech, very secure and very well protected from threats such as fire and flood.”

Pett Franklin Solicitors

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