About Thompson Insurance Brokers

Founded in 1987 by Paul Thompson, Thompson Insurance are an independent insurance brokers that provide tailored solutions to business on all insurance requirements. 

After several acquisitions and takeovers, the company went back to its roots as insurance brokers and believe their decades of experience in the industry makes them able to thrive. Birmingham-based Thompson & Co has a team of 13 staff who are proud to be trusted advisors to over 400 clients. 

Partnered with OGL since: 2018

Company Location: Solihull

Company Website: www.thompson.insure

Insurance Brokers, Thompson Insurance, reap the benefits of moving to the cloud

Having experienced first-class customer service from OGL for many years, when Thompson Insurance needed to update their IT infrastructure, they looked to OGL to provide the right solution to help drive their business forward. Previously outsourcing their IT support to a company outside of the Midlands, they wanted to partner with a local and reliable supplier to help them move to the cloud. After initial discussions in 2017, OGL’s migration team helped move their business to the cloud in August 2018 as part of an office relocation.

Thompson Insurance explained, “Our previous IT service before weren’t able to support our growing needs. So even though OGL were a bit more expensive, we know we’re going to get a premium service. Our key objective was to choose a local IT company and one that can provide a personal and excellent service. Previously all our internal IT queries were filtered through me and I’d call our IT support, but now the team can pick up the phone and speak to OGL to sort out the problem, delivering a much more efficient solution for us.”

To help future-proof their business, Thompson Insurance knew moving to the cloud was the best solution and they have not looked back since. “Moving to the cloud has been phenomenal, we love the flexibility of the solution. Our previous on-premise servers were getting old and needed an upgrade and we thought it would be the perfect time to move to the cloud. We knew it was the way the world was moving, and we liked the idea of having a more flexible solution without worrying about physical backups and dating hardware.

“The process began with the OGL team coming in to understand our business and what we needed. One of the difficulties we had was our insurance database software had to have a compatible and secure server structure, but OGL created a solution that matched our needs to ensure our internal processes worked smoothly.

“Moving to the cloud has been phenomenal, we love the flexibility of the solution."

“Moving to the cloud has been a blessing in the current pandemic (Covid-19) and we can’t imagine how other insurance companies are coping without being in the cloud. We’re so glad we made the move when we did as the transition to working from home for our whole team has been so easy. We would have been much busier with manual processes if we didn’t have our data in the cloud during this time.”

Moving to cloud also meant they didn’t need to furlough staff and the flexibility has improved the team’s wellbeing as well as their customer service during the lockdown period. “A few employees worked from home before lockdown but now the whole team are working from home and it’s meant our employees can work wherever and whenever they need to, to suit their needs at this time.

“We’re a service driven business so it’s key that we can always access our data to help our customers. We can’t afford for our systems to go down, so we need an infrastructure and support team to make sure that doesn’t happen. The continued support from OGL is fundamental in our growth and future plans.”

We asked Thompson Insurance how their future plans will be affected by technology and they believe it’s key to moving forward and enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively, “delivering quality customer service and gaining new business is the lifeblood of the company and the only way we can move forward and achieve these goals is with the infrastructure and support in place. OGL, offering reliable and excellent service, is a critical part of the plan going forward.”

“The only way we can move forward and continue to grow our business is with the right infrastructure and support in place. OGL, offering reliable and excellent service, is critical in the plan going forward.”

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