Midlands technology company delivers the UK's first advanced cyber security training

We are excited to announce that we've joined forces with world leaders in anti-virus technology, Kaspersky Lab, to deliver the UK’s first “Threat Hunting” advanced cyber security training.  

The first course, delivered by Costin Raiu (Director of Kaspersky Global Research & Analysis Team) and Vicente Diaz (Deputy Director Europe of Kaspersky Global Research & Analysis Team), took place at the Wyre Forest District Council offices in Kidderminster last week and was attended by experienced IT Managers from local businesses looking to expand their knowledge of the growing cyber threat to UK businesses.

“There is a lot of exposure in the media about the large organisations who are facing major data breaches but what many business owners of small to medium sized businesses don’t realise is that businesses just like theirs are also being hit constantly, it just doesn’t make the TV news channels,” says Paul Colwell, Chief Technology Officer, CyberGuard.

Our cyber security division, CyberGuard Technologies, is one of the leading providers of cyber security to SME businesses in the region.

“There are a number of major corporations in the UK cyber security sector, so we are extremely proud to have been selected by Kaspersky to spearhead this advanced level of cyber security training in the UK and see this is a valuable addition to our portfolio of services. We are continually looking at new ways to help local businesses protect themselves from cyber-criminals and are working hard to raise awareness of the very real threat that SMEs face,” continues Paul.

Threat Hunting is the first in a series of cyber security training courses that are running over the coming months. Other subjects being tackled include Incident Response and Digital Forensics. Whilst these courses are very high level and targeted at experienced IT Managers, CyberGuard also delivers general Security Awareness Training which helps businesses of all sizes educate their staff, and their executives, on how to identify a potential phishing or ransomware attack and avoid becoming a victim.

“I am saddened whenever we get approached by a company who need our help because they are now facing a ransom demand from cyber-criminals who have gained access to their networks. It is so easy, and more cost-effective, to put prevention measures in place but too often business owners prefer to wait until an attack happens before taking action. Many also believe that the traditional anti-virus products being provided by their local IT support company will protect them and unfortunately cyber-crime has become so much more sophisticated that criminals can bypass these systems. Businesses that do fall victim often struggle to get back on their feet, because not only are the costs associated with paying a ransom crippling but the reputational damage they face is irreparable,” concludes Paul.