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A cloud-based solution or on-premise? If you’re not sure which platform is most suitable for your IT infrastructure, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be an either / or question. We can offer you a virtualised solution which is a hybrid of cloud and on-premise platforms, so you can take advantage of the benefits both solutions have to offer. 

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    Save on IT hardware costs
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    Environmentally friendly
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    Strengthens security and data protection.
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    Improve service levels and application quality
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    Certified as a market-leader

Minimised physical hardware; maximised efficiency

Virtualisation offers the benefits of an on-premise solution with a cloud-based infrastructure.

It’s the creation of virtual versions of your servers which are then run on just one single physical server. This act of consolidation can dramatically reduce hardware costs and means servers can be accessed by users in ways that are unrestricted by physical configuration or geographic location.

Businesses are choosing a virtualised environment for their IT infrastructure to bring down the cost of hardware and also because businesses are now becoming much more environmentally conscious. Power consumption by servers is huge, so consolidating to just one server can radically reduce your carbon footprint and the level of power consumption at your location.

Virtualisation is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility, not just for large enterprises, but for small and mid-size businesses too. It allows those responsible for managing your server to manage your entire server farm from one single central console, making it easy to use which can help increase productivity. We are seeing more and more companies take advantage of virtualisation and use on-premise equipment to handle standard functions, but ultimately store highly sensitive data and employ cloud solutions when they require additional capacity.

A Virtualised Professional Service Provider

When choosing an IT partner to implement your virtualised infrastructure, it’s important they understand your industry’s accreditations to give you confidence that they can deliver a proven and dependable IT platform.

OGL is recognised as a market leader in offering virtualisation and have been awarded the Professional Service Provider and the Professional Solutions Provider status from VMware. This means we have been recognised as delivering cutting-edge virtualisation technology using the VMware platform and cements our reputation as a forward-thinking company demonstrating high levels of expertise.

Whatever type of IT infrastructure you need, whether that’s cloud-based, on-premise or a hybrid, virtualised solution, we’ve got an IT architect to design it and an engineer to implement it.

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“We wanted to move to a fully virtualised environment running the latest available operating systems. With limited internal understanding of virtualisation, we required the successful bidder to have extensive knowledge of this as well as being prepared to share this knowledge with us during the implementation process, which OGL did.”

Joseph Ash

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